Why Was Colorado Baby's Death Not a National Story About Abortion?

Lauren Ashburn, a regular guest on MediaBuzz on the Fox News Channel, wrote an article for Mediaite on how the “mainstream” media doesn’t really want to engage the country in a discussion about "gruesome abortion stories."

“Yet contrast abortion coverage with the endless hours and words devoted to batting down Indiana’s religious freedom law,” she wrote. “Conservatives got plenty of air. Why is it that the media will make a fuss about marriage equality, but issues related to abortion are now a no-go?”

Why is that? Well, as Ashburn recalls from a recent conservative women’s lunch, it’s because for many women it could hurt their careers, or, if they do speak about it, there tend to be women in the room who have already had abortions….it’s something they “don’t want to be vocal about.”

Really? That’s such a shame. Tell that to the unborn “fetuses” who have no voice in the matter. Ashburn brought up a recent example of how fetal life isn’t a cause for our “compassionate” media:

Last month there was a horrific murder on a pregnant woman in Colorado whose “fetus” was cut from her stomach.  The murder of the  baby was covered by a few of the media heavyweights (CNN, FNC, New York Times, USA Today), even a few outlets reported the next day that the woman in connection with the murder wouldn’t  be charged with murdering the “fetus” due to the questionable nature of Colorado’s personhood laws (score one for pro-choicers!) By and large, most coverage of this gruesome story took place online.

Conservative sites took up the story, but:

Outside of that, the mainstream conversation was notably absent of pro-life activists, editorial writers, and politicians calling for amendments that would lead to charging the perpetrator with murder. Or any scent of general media outrage about what had transpired.

Perhaps because lending a platform to such outrage would give media credence to the idea that a fetus is a life — especially seven months into a pregnancy, as was the case in Colorado.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post publicized a “spa-like abortion clinic” in Bethesda, Maryland to “destigmatize” the “procedure.”  Feminist and abortion advocate Amanda Marcotte thinks the idea of an abortion spa is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  She compares the comfort and convenience of the spa treatment during an abortion, the same as “…having a DVD player on hand during a root canal.” When Carol Tobias of National Right to Life told The Washington Post that “Abortion is not pleasant,” Marcotte wrote:

“Well, cancer isn't pleasant, either, but that's not a reason to deny cancer patients fluffy robes and soothing music… If you want a little more misery and shame with your abortion experience, feel free to impose that on yourself, but for those who disagree, pass the fluffy robes and the herbal teas.”

This thoughtless statement is nothing new for Marcotte. She’s known for her off-the-cuff stupid abortion comparisons.  She’s said that pregnancy is a disease and abortion the cure….that pregnancy is like having a broken leg and abortion is the cast, or that abortion is like removing a cavity that women regret pregnancy…not abortion, that babies are “time sucking monsters”, that babies with Down syndrome should be aborted….the list goes on.  She’s a peach. A real winner in the feminist movement.

Melissa Grant, the Vice President of  the "Carafem" spa-clinic, and a former Planned Parenthood director, believes they are helping to pave the way of destigmatizing abortion.  She says “There is a myth that abortion clinics are lonely and scary places…that doesn't have to be true."

Try telling that to the fetus you just aborted.

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