Obama 'Hasn't Had Your Back': Priebus Zings Wasserman Schultz With Sly Reference to Politico Story

Non-political junkies might not have noticed, but Reince Priebus got in a real zinger against Debbie Wasserman Schultz today. In a joint appearance on Fox News Sunday, DNC Chair DWS claimed that the key question for voters will be "who has my back?"

Shot back RNC Chairman Priebus: "the President hasn't had anybody's back: not even your back."  That was a reference to the Politico story, "Democrats turn on Debbie Wasserman Schultz," reporting on President Obama's disdain for Debbie. Since 2012, the White House has wanted to dump DWS as DNC Chair. She is so shut out of meetings with the president that, according to Politico [emphasis added] "the DNC chairwoman stakes out the President of the United States at the end of photo lines at events and fundraisers." DNC chair as virtual stalker?  Not a pretty picture.  And there was Reince to remind her about it.

Wasserman Schultz didn't even attempt to refute Priebus's shot.  But you can be sure she will not soon forget it.  And her Dem enemies were surely chortling in front of their TV sets.

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: We are going to hold the Senate. Because over the next couple of weeks, leading up to even today, the one question that voters are going to ask themselves, Chris, is who has my back?

. . .

REINCE PRIEBUS: The President hasn't had anybody's back: he isn't even had your back."



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