Voter Registration Fraud by Liberal Activists Mostly Ignored by Media

June 20th, 2017 2:06 PM

In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, a Clinton-aligned voter registration operation registered a felon, a minor and a non-U.S. citizen, among other irregularities.

A dozen employees of the Indiana Voter Registration Project now face felony charges for their electoral hanky panky, but you probably would not know it if you depended on the national broadcast television networks for your news, as they routinely sweep Democrat election-rigging schemes like this under the rug.

In fact, among the top networks only CBS This Morning and Fox News have made any mention of the scandal rocking the Indiana Voter Registration Project, an organization managed by Patriot Majority USA, a group that AP reported has strong ties to the Democratic Party, including former President Bill Clinton.

BRIAN KILMEADE, HOST, FOX AND FRIENDS: Democrats laughed at President Trump during the campaign when he said there was widespread fraud in the election.

NANCY PELOSI, HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: There is no evidence to support what the president has said. The fact is that it's a non-- it’s so …

BRIAN KILMEADE, NEWS ANCHOR, FOX NEWS: I know what you mean. But one reporter just found out that dead people, minors, and non citizens were on the Indiana were on the voter payroll, excuse me, the voter rolls.

According to CBS This Morning, “prosecutors say the group made up or forged information about scores of voters and, allegedly, registered at least one felon, a minor, a non-U.S. citizen, and a dead person.”

ABC and NBC, along with Spanish-language Univision and Telemundo, have yet to cover the development.

Though Marion County prosecutor Terry Curry emphasized that the charges against the employees of the organization do not include any evidence of fraudulent ballots being cast in last November’s election, he said that “the paramount concern is protecting the integrity of the electoral process, and intentional irregularities in voter registrations cannot be tolerated.”

The full story on election-related fraud in the 2016 election is far from over. President Trump last month announced the formation of a bipartisan commission, led by Vice President Mike Pence, to investigate voter irregularities and fraud, and the means to prevent it.

If the presidential commission empowers states with the ability to examine pertinent federal databases, they will likely find people who are illegally registered to vote, and voting. Commission Vice Chair Kris Kobach told National Review that for years states sought to run such databases (particularly immigration-related databases) against their own voter-registration lists, but the Obama administration turned down their requests.