Trump Is ‘Frankenstein of the Right’ Says TV Azteca Chief

May 11th, 2016 9:23 AM

If you thought Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was virulently anti-Trump and anti-GOP, wait until you hear what TV Azteca’s Washington Bureau Chief, Armando Guzmán, has to say.

“Trump is the Frankenstein of the American right, the monster who reinforces a party that for more than 25 years has fed off of hate and intolerance,” says the veteran Washington, D.C.-based Mexican journalist, in a column he has written against Trump and the Republican Party. Guzmán is the correspondent whose reports are seen domestically virtually every weeknight on TV Azteca’s U.S. subsidiary, Azteca América.

“Today the Republican Party is reaping the fruit of the hate and intolerance the party injected into its own revolution,” says Guzmán. Driving his sweeping anti-Trump and anti-Republican narrative home, Guzmán repeatedly faults U.S. Republicans for “the intolerance of their party and the contempt and hate for whatever might be of Mexican origin, or the immigration of this group to the United States.”

To add more fuel to the fire, Guzmán goes on to say that “the party of Lincoln and Reagan has ended up not only attacking immigrants, but also women, African-Americans, gays, transgenders and, above all, the more modern and progressive vision of the young people of the country.”

Judging by his words, Guzman either truly believes Trump is essentially Evil Incarnate, or he is just attempting to out-do Jorge Ramos as yet another extremely biased propaganda-pusher, parroting practically the same words as U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

On a personal note, Guzman tells of how he met Trump in 1988, but never gave him a second thought until Trump supposedly “insulted all Mexican immigrants” during his June 2015 presidential campaign announcement speech. Never mind that Trump specifically was referring to illegal immigrants, but don’t expect TV Azteca to let truth get in the way of pushing the received liberal, anti-Trump narrative.

I personally take offense to having my Mexican-American ethnic background lumped in with homosexuals and so-called transgender people, as if we were all one and the same. An ethnic and racial aspect of a person is not the same as a man wanting to wear a dress. Statements like Guzmán’s are a slap in the face of all the civil rights activists of the 1960’s, and to women as well

One would expect a seasoned journalist like Guzmán to keep his cool and take the high road, rather than pander and pontificate in such a nauseatingly politically correct way. No wonder so many Univision and Azteca América-watching Hispanics vote Democrat election after election. They’re being sickeningly indoctrinated by Ramos and Guzmán.

The column is the perfect example of the sensationalistic, alarmist, yellow journalism which has sadly become the norm today. Propaganda as news, with most of the American populace under 40 never knowing the difference.

If Guzmán plans on continuing to cover the 2016 presidential election as an honest-to-goodness journalist, he better put on his big boy pants, quit crying and quit pushing his liberal agenda trying to pass it off as factual news.

Latino-Americans are smarter than this, and we deserve better than to be pandered to and spoon-fed such bias and falsehoods.