Are You Ready For 'The Mother of All Caravans'?

October 22nd, 2021 4:53 PM

The Latino media are practically drooling at the thought of new audiences swarming into the United States as part of the heralded Mother of All Caravans, set to begin its “march” through Mexico on October 23 at 6:00 AM, and estimated, as per Telemundo's Nacho Lozano, at 95,000 strong.

Watch as Lozano, from the morning kaffeeklatsch Hoy Día, called the migrants "protesters" who are making their way to the United States to seek asylum:


ARANXTA LOIZAGA: Thousands of migrants of various nationalities who are stranded on Mexico’s southern border, that is, with Guatemala, are preparing to begin a march to the United States that some are even calling 'The mother of all caravans'.

RAÚL TORRES: It is expected that tomorrow at six in the morning this caravan will depart from here, which some call 'The mother of all caravans'.

NACHO LOZANO: The number of migrants who might be participating in this (caravan) is very impressive, which they have in fact labeled as 'The mother of all caravans'.


LOZANO: The number of protesters is uncertain, but it is expected that most of the 95,000 foreigners, migrants on Mexican soil, will march through while waiting for papers to get into the United States in order to seek asylum.

LOIZAGA: Important to emphasize that last week when we asked that exact question to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, he said that they were following all these migratory movements very closely, and that if this caravan tried to get here to this country, it was simply not going to succeed. That's what he said emphatically.


LUIS GARCIA VILLAGRAN, THE CENTER FOR HUMAN DIGNIFICATION: We’re going to walk, and it is not a caravan. It is an exodus from injustice, an exodus from poverty, an exodus for the dignity of the migrant population. Either they migrate, or they die.

Lozano's estimate was on par with what the networks have been anticipating in recent news reports, some of which highlighted threats from the caravan's organizer, activist Irineo Mujica from Pueblo Sin Fronteras, to the effect that they "are ready for war" against anyone who tries to stop them. Hence Lozano's description -- not as migrants -- but as protesters. 

Will Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, be on Mujicas's hit list? After all, as per Loizaga, Mayorka EMPHATICALLY told her on air “that if this caravan tried to get here to the country, it simply was not going to succeed”.

Bring out the popcorn. We'll be watching.

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