Biden Shuns Latino Nets, Passes Border Crisis Buck to Congress

April 29th, 2021 7:32 PM

In the days prior to President Joe Biden's first address before Congress, Latino nets gushed over his “achievements”. This is in stark contrast to their reporting on President Donald Trump´s initial address four years ago. Despite their boot-licking, Biden gave them the cold shoulder and passed the immigration reform issue over to Congress like a hot potato.

Watch as anchors and reporters at Telemundo and Univision hammer their audiences with positive reinforcements like “most Americans approve of his handling of the pandemic” and “the president began his administration on the right foot”, when referring to Biden. Then compare that to how they focused on the waves of protests and discontent against Trump ahead of his address before Congress:



CAROLINA SARASSA: Tonight, President Joe Biden addresses Congress and the nation in his first address at the Capitol since he arrived at the White House three months ago, and one day before the first 100 days of his administration.


President Biden is expected to talk about his achievements


JAVIER VEGA: President Biden renders his administration’s first accounting. His first 100 days were marked by one issue: the Coronavirus crisis, but most Americans approve of his handling of the pandemic.


According to the polls, the president began his administration on the right foot.


SATCHA PRETTO: We already know that the President will offer a cost-free education proposal for children and college students, as well as an extension to the Affordable Care Act. He will also talk about the promises fulfilled during the first 100 days of his administration.


EDWIN PITTI: He will also be celebrating what, according to the White House, he has achieved in the first one hundred days of his administration.


There´s a great sense of expectation because all President Biden will say in his first address to a joint session of Congress, will be a mix of what he still needs to do, and there will also be a celebration of what he has achieved in the first hundred days of his administration.


JOSE DIAZ-BALART: Pro-immigrant groups don't trust Trump's word, and take to the streets in Washington and other cities across the country hours before the President's first address to Congress.


EDGAR MUÑOZ: Today more than ever, the immigrant community will be looking out for Donald Trump's speech in Congress. Some of our interviewees say that after so many immigration raids, this is a political strategy to please lawmakers.


JOSE DIAZ-BALART: Several congressmen plan to protest President Trump's first speech in a very peculiar manner.

DIEGO ARIAS: Dejanaira and Sheridan are Dreamers. They traveled from Texas and New Jersey in order to send a clear message to President Trump.


And despite the rain, protesters are beginning to arrive at this hour. They say they are protesting in order to stand up for American values and that with Trump as president, there is a moral crisis in the country.


JANET RODRIGUEZ: (The President) tonight will become the salesman-in-chief, with a message that seeks to highlight an agenda that has so far been overshadowed by controversies and stumbles.

Despite the reverence, however, Univision News reminded viewers that Biden has not yet delivered by stating that immigration activists - “who just a few months ago were believing in him (Biden) and supporting him” - are still waiting to get what they were promised.

Take a look at anchor Cristina Londoño venting the complaints of several immigration activists, only to clear the slate by stating that “the White House spokeswoman told us that the migration issue is included in Biden's speech and that the president has not forgotten his promises.”

Biden, however, did forget his promises and avoided any mention of the border crisis during his address before Congress on April 28th. Instead, he effectively passed the buck on immigration, imitating his mentor -Obama- back in 2014, when the former president told Congress about immigration reform: The ball´s in your court.



Univision News
April 28, 2021

CRISTINA LONDOÑO: Immigration is President Biden's Achilles heel; he has only 30% approval on this issue and the harshest criticism we've heard is from people who just a few months ago were believing in him and supporting him.


Biden's worst performance, both activists and detractors claim, has been at the border, where they equate the situation with that of the Trump administration.

FERNANDO GARCIA: All we have at the border are still cages, prisons, and detention centers. And on the other hand, the fact that we already have cases where refugees have been deported - well they have been expelled - without any legal rights.

LONDOÑO: The White House spokeswoman told us that the migration issue is included in Biden's speech and that the president has not forgotten his promises.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I sent a comprehensive immigration bill to the United States Congress.  If you believe we need to secure the border, pass it.  If you believe in a pathway to citizenship, pass it so over 11 million undocumented folks — the vast majority are here overstaying visas.  Pass it.

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