Spanish Nets, Dems Downplay Anti-Latino California, Play Up Fake Violent Video 

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The bubble finally burst as Spanish-speaking media could no longer contain the shameful reality lived by Hispanics in California, the state that purportedly leads the fight for immigrant rights.  

As MRC Latino contributor Ray Cruz points out in a recent analysis of the nation ́s liberal Hispanic Media, “Jokingly and Seriously”; although 2020 Democratic presidential candidates prefer not to talk about the subject (a strategy replicated by the Latino media), over half of all Latino households in California struggle to pay for their basic needs.  



RAY CRUZ, MRC LATINO: Latinos are living a great poverty in the so-called golden state of California, why? The mismanagement of that state. Of course, now the question is why doesn't Bernie Sanders talk about it? Why doesn't Joe Biden talk about it? Why doesn't Elizabeth Warren talk about it? Why do they keep Latinos in poverty in the state of California? 

Like Ray says, that's an excellent question.

The poll cited above, from the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, revealed that more than half of Latino families living in California – 1.6 million families – are struggling to stay afloat despite some having multiple jobs. This is a far cry from the Disneylandish image of California that liberal activists and government officials want us to believe. 

Amazingly, activists seek to blame California ́s Latino inequity on a “lack of education”. Yet, as Cruz points out, it is the same education level achieved by most immigrants living in all of the other states of the Union- and that have progressed economically through work and determination.

To further expose the double standard espoused by Spanish-language media, Cruz ́ latest video also discusses the absurd accusations against President Donald Trump regarding a violent video that was repeatedly broadcast over the airwaves, and which liberals tried to link directly to the Commander-in-Chief.

CRUZ: A fake video featuring a cartoon of President Donald Trump with several cartoons with logos from different media outlets has created a controversy in the liberal media in the United States. Now the media is trying to blame President Donald, to say straight-out that President Donald Trump is inciting violence or that his supporters are people who incite violence.

Funny how the liberal Spanish-language media choose to disengage themselves from the important issues affecting the nation and further disconnect themselves from the community they claim to serve, by attempting to justify reality with absurd reasoning that only they believe.  

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