SHOCK VIDEO: Latino Media Actually Aired 'Biden Made Me A Republican'

November 5th, 2021 11:59 AM

In an extremely rare moment, Latino media aired voices of support for a conservative candidate- as opposed to their usual milieu of Democratic elected officials and far-left activists.

Watch as this voter from Arlington County, Virginia tells Telemundo what he thinks about the current state of affairs:



VOTER IN ARLINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA: I believe that Biden turned me into a Republican. Biden is destroying the economy, inflation is through the roof, and everything is terrible. 

This was broadcast in the middle of Telemundo's report on the Virginia gubernatorial election. The impactfulness of this video lies in that you never see such open criticism of Democrats on Latino media, unless it is an activist spokesperson blasting Democrats for not passing "immigration reform" quickly enough.

And then there's this statement, from a Venezuelan refugee in Northern Virginia:



JANET RODRIGUEZ, UNIVISION: Astrid Gámez, who had never been involved in politics, has new motivation today. 

ASTRID GAMEZ: I believe that Republicans now, especially we minorities, have stood up. Because I'm sick of people stigmatizing me (for being) a Republican, and me being expected not to speak up.

Univision is best known for pushing racial politics and tying Latino identity to leftwing policy, so it is even more remarkable to see this woman forcefully pushing back against that entire structure. 

Watch for an increased push against "Spanish-language disinformation" as a way to silence those voices that diverge from Latino corporate media's leftwing orthodoxy. But if these two residents of Northern Virginia are any indication, it's too late.