Univision: Is It 'Improper' for Hispanics to Attend Trump's Hispanic Heritage Month Event?

September 28th, 2019 6:39 PM

Univision’s coverage of this year’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House was, sad to say, par for the course. Not even Hispanic Heritage Month is safe from Univision’s constant evocation of racial grievance and demonization of Hispanic conservatives.

First, watch the full report as aired on Noticiero Univision on Friday, September 27th, 2019:



ENRIQUE ACEVEDO: Well, starting September 15th, the country celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, and today the White House hosted several personalities from (within) the Hispanic community in order to commemorate this moment within the country. Let’s go live to Janet Rodríguez, who has all that information from Washington, D.C. Over to you, Janet. Good evening.  

JANET RODRÍGUEZ: Good evening. Well, there are 400 guests here at the White House, which is spotlighting Hispanic Heritage Month today, and the president is emphasizing his efforts to improve the economy: especially the Latino unemployment rate, which he addresses before this group, but he does this one day after also inviting sheriffs from around the country here, to the White House, in order to meet with him and talk about how to put an end to sanctuary cities, (as well as) other anti-immigrant policies, which is why we asked some of today’s guests whether it is proper to celebrate with a White House that continues to target immigrants and undocumented immigration.

HECTOR BARRETO, THE LATINO COALITION: Look. This administration and this president are not the only ones to have had a hard time arriving at a solution to our immigration system. And so we’re looking at some very interesting polling, where in some cases, support for this administration is increasing within the Hispanic community. 

RODRÍGUEZ: The focus today has been on the economy, not necessarily on immigration and guests tell us that if the White House invites you to an event like this, in over to spotlight Hispanic Heritage and Hispanic values here in the United States, then you have to show up. Back to you.

This segment, more than most, showed how Univision (as part of the institutional Left) ties immigration around individual Hispanic (or Latino) identity, and did it here with two questions. First, how dare the White House commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month when thry hosted border sheriffs the day before, and discussed ending sanctuary cities? Also, notice how Rodriguez went to the old “anti-immigrant” trope in order to frame these policies. Was the White House just supposed to cancel Hispanic Heritage Month and not host an event? 

Second, how dare these conservative Hispanics attend such an event given this president’s immigration policies, and how dare the White House center economic policy instead?

“Is it proper?” This sort of attempted shaming and delegitimization of Hispanic conservatives is nothing new at Univision, and we see it again at play here, with these fabricated concerns of propriety.  A quick scan of the archives revealed that Univision expressed no concerns whatsoever over the propriety of White House Hispanic Heritage Month parties when it was “Deporter-in-Chief” Barack Obama hosting these events.

Such is the current state of affairs that a White House event designed to celebrate the contributions of Hispanics to America ended up showcasing, once again, that Univision is little more than an immigration special-interest group with a broadcast license and a TV studio.