Univision’s Climate Advocacy Arm Bashes GOP Candidates

When Univision News President Isaac Lee held his infamous talk at UT Austin earlier this year, he reiterated the network’s commitment to covering only one side of certain issues by smearing ideological opponents via Nazi comparisons. Lee’s godwinning was once again evident this past week, in Univision’s regurgitation of the Associated Press’ climate propaganda, proof positive that Univision is systematically committed to a left-wing agenda that goes far beyond immigration.

I won’t go into the specifics of the AP piece beyond NewsBusters Executive Editor’s Tim Graham’s dissection (which properly impeaches the credibility of some of the “scientists” doing the left’s bidding, including the debunked Michael Mann) except to note how Univision altered the story in order to further smear leading GOP presidential candidates.

Univision, which featured the piece on its dedicated “planet” site, altered the AP article’s headline in order to further vitiate those who disagree with the political solutions so often posited by those who believe in fighting climate change through further government intervention in our markets.

As a professional interpreter and translator, I can’t envision any scenario in which “AP FACT CHECK: Most GOP candidates flunk climate science” translates as “Trump, Carson, and Cruz, the candidates that know the least about climate change”. While this is not the first time that we’ve caught Univision playing fast and loose with language, it is nonetheless troubling.

Univision’s viewers are able - given a full and fair debate in which both sides of the issue are presented - to determine for themselves whether human activity has contributed to climate change to such an extent that trillions of dollars in regulations are required, and whether such regulations justify their inevitable effect on our economy and their pocketbooks.

Unfortunately, such a debate will not happen. Univision has clearly decided to infantilize its audience and think for it, in the name of agenda journalism and political point-scoring, or what Isaac Lee called the “agenda for a more fair society, for a more inclusive society and for the Hispanic community to be better.” 

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