Univision’s Second Amendment Blind Spot

November 7th, 2014 7:41 PM

When it comes to gun control, Univision has typically been right in sync with the rest of the nation’s major broadcast networks, which is to say, it has consistently advocated for expanded restrictions on legal gun ownership.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, in fact, has consistently argued against the individual right to keep and bear arms. Time and time again, and in interview after interview, he has questioned the need for a Second Amendment. So, too, has Leon Krauze, anchor at Univision’s KMEX-34 in Los Angeles.

The answer to this line of  questioning can be found in the series of horrific tragedies currently reported on by Univision - the massacres at Tlatlaya and Iguala. In both instances, it appears that Mexican government authorities, both at the local and federal levels, had a hand in the deaths and disappearances of civilians.

As Jorge Ramos himself tweeted, “The Tlatlaya and Iguala massacres are different from those of the narcos because the state was involved and because (it) does not protect the lives of Mexicans.”

This is precisely why the founding documents of the United States recognize both the individual citizen’s right to life and right to keep and bear arms. This nation’s founders recognized the grim possibility that individuals may need to protect themselves from their own government. Sadly, that right is not recognized in Mexico, home to some of the most stringent restrictions on the individual right to bear arms.

The implications of these most recent, horrific tragedies in Mexico should not be lost on those who would use their media platforms to try and restrict the rights we enjoy here.