Univision Skewers Trump on PGA Tournament Move to Mexico

Predictably, Univision ratcheted up its anti-Trump rhetoric in reporting on the news that the PGA is moving its annual World Golf Championship tournament from Trump’s Doral Golf resort in South Florida to Mexico.

Univision correspondent Vilma Tarazona was quick to tie the move to what she characterized as Trump’s “ferocious” attacks against Mexico.

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: For many, it turns out to be ironic that Mexico, the country Trump has ferociously attacked and accused of sending drug dealers, rapists and criminals to the United States, is the one that is now taking the business out of his hands.

In what is also now becoming routine, Univision then turned to former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who furthered the report’s dominant anti-Trump narrative.

VICENTE FOX, PRESIDENT OF MEXICO: If you keep threatening that U.S. corporations cannot invest outside [of the country], if you want to still put a tax, then the reaction will be that, they will not be with you. So it is destroying American’s' jobs directly...

Conveniently, in its reporting Univision ignored a statement by the PGA’s Tim Finchem that the move was not related to politics “in any way, shape or form.”

As ESPN reported, Finchem indicated that “we had an opportunity to build what we think is going to be a spectacular event in an area that is strategically important to the growth of the sport and the activity of the PGA Tour that has been focused in South America and Central America for the last good number of years.''

Finchem added that the PGA’s presence at Trump’s Doral resort will likely take another form in the future, saying “it's unfortunate we couldn't make it work right now, but our focus is going to come back [to Doral] with a solid property to make it work going forward.”

Below is the transcript of the cited report aired on Noticiero Univision on June 1:




6:33:54 PM - 6:36:49 PM EST | 2 MIN 55 SEC

MARIA ELENA SALINAS, HOSTESS, UNIVISION: The presidential candidate Donald Trump, Republican, Donald Trump, reacted with disgust and with offensive phrases against the decision to move from the U.S. to Mexico one of the most important golf events that brings the best golfers from around the world. The tournament has been played for decades in facilities in Doral, Florida now owned by Trump. Vilma Tarazona tells us what motivated the decision and what the magnate said.

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: The famous PGA tournament, which brings together the best golfers in the world, will not be played anymore in these fields owned by Donald Trump in the city of Doral, in South Florida. The prestigious competition took the decision to cross the border and go to Mexico. Trump reacted immediately.

DONALD TRUMP: [in English] They’re moving it to Mexico...

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: [Translating Trump's remarks on Fox News]. "They're going to take it to Mexico City, and by the way, I hope they have insurance against kidnapping." The tour has been played in this field since 1962, and Trump bought it in 2012, and injected $250 million. For many it is ironic that Mexico, the country that Trump has fiercely attacked and accused of sending drug traffickers, rapists and criminals to the United States, is now the one who would remove the business from his hands.

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VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Trump said in a statement: "... The PGA has valued profits over the work of thousands of Americans, millions of dollars in revenue for local communities and charitable organizations and hundreds of fans who have made ​​the tournament an annual tradition. This decision only reinforces the reason why I am running for President of the United States. "

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: The tournament signed a contract with Doral until 2023, with the option to move the event to another place when so decided. The mayors of the city of Doral and Miami-Dade County regretted the news.

LUIGI BORIA, MAYOR OF DORAL: There are many jobs that will be lost, but the city continues.

CARLOS GIMÉNEZ, MAYOR OF MIAMI-DADE COUNTY: It is bad, then, economically because if there are many visitors who come to see these golfers here in Miami.

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Well, the decision to move the tournament in South Florida is due to the automaker Cadillac, who was the sponsor for many years, and withdrew their sponsorship for the event. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox reacted to the decision.

VICENTE FOX, PRESIDENT OF MEXICO: If you keep threatening that U.S. corporations cannot invest outside [of the country], if you want to still put a tax, then the reaction will be that, they will not be with you. So it is destroying Americans' jobs directly...

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Well, according to news media the new sponsor of the event would be the Salinas Group from Mexico.

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