Disney Cuts Ties With Fusion, Ending ABC-Univision Partnership

April 21st, 2016 5:23 PM

Univision is now the sole owner of Fusion, one of our favorite sources for totally fair, honest and unbiased reporting here at MRC Latino. The parting of ways with Disney comes after much speculation dating all the way back to December.

It’s no surprise Disney decided to cut ties, they’ve been bleeding money at a mind-numbingly quick rate. The company “had losses totaling $37.6 million in 2015” according to an article by capitalnewyork.com

The plan is to now form what they are going to call the Fusion Media Group, along with The Onion (a satirical fake-news site and one of their most recent acquisitions) and a couple others in an attempt to get after that oh-so-precious millennial market that they’ve desperately been trying to attain.

And when we say desperate, we mean desperate. Fusion has a history (a very embarrassing and borderline-insane history) of a love-affair with the liberal left aimed at trying to sway the very demographic they were designed to attract from the start.

Whether it was calling abortion a totally joyful experience or cheering the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Fusion never shied away from giving us the latest and greatest in hyper-left news reporting.