Univision Wants You To Rhythmically 'Feel The Bern'

A norteño band from California has recorded a Mexican folk song, known as a “corrido” titled “El Quemazón” which translates to “The Burn.” In an obvious effort to support the attempt to sway more Hispanic voters into “Feeling The Bern”, Univision decided to give the musical tribute entirely positive play.

The nation’s top Spanish-language television network wasted no time in romanticizing the song’s lyrics, highlighting how the band labelled the Democratic socialist candidate for President a “Robin Hood for the poor.”

The obvious lawlessness that is ignored, in referring to Sanders as Robin Hood, is that the medieval legend engaged in crime and stealing to give to the poor, and the socialist politician essentially aims to take from an already heavily tax-burdened people.

Univision simultaneously took the occasion to highlight a Latino pro-Hillary song entitled “Arriba Con Hillary” featuring the lyrics “It’s important that we vote for Hillary because our struggle is her struggle and now that it’s time for a female president let’s all unite with our great friend.” The song has less than 5,000 views on YouTube.

Univision also wasted no time in underscoring how another parody band previously produced a song scorning GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. However, the network conveniently ignored the fact that Trump also has a series of Latino fan songs, which have received tens of thousands of more views than Hillary’s.

Democrats in a positive light? Check. Republicans in a negative light? Check.

Just another day in the office at Univision.

Below are the translated lyrics for “El Quemazón”:

He’s the man with a vision
to better this country.
Running for president
but the rich don’t want him.
Bernie Sanders is his name.
Now you're going to feel his burn.

New York is the state where he was born.
Brooklyn where he grew up.
As kid he started noticing
the rich getting richer
and the poor working longer hours.
Still many don't make enough to survive.

He's the son of Immigrants
who came in search of better lives.
Working to succeed
like we all do every day.
We come here with the same dream:
Provide our families a better chance at life.

The rich and the media don't like him
and they’re scared that he can win.
He wants college to be free
so our children can progress.
He believes health care is for all.
Not a business, but a human right.

Years ago, in Chicago, he was arrested
for protesting against segregation.
He doesn’t care about the color of your skin
to him we are all children of God.
Many call him Robin Hood
others call him The Bern.

Fighting for the rights of the people
even law enforcement could not stop him.
He'll keep battling until he becomes
president of this nation.
Bernie Sanders is his name.
This is his corrido The Bern!

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