WashPost Buries Latest Bad News About Md. ObamaCare Website; Fails to Mention Dem Candidate for Governor

Last year the deeply liberal Democratic state of Maryland had an absolutely atrocious rollout of its ObamaCare website. Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (D), who is running this November for governor, was in charge of the ObamaCare rollout. 

The website has since been completely overhauled, at the staggering cost of $40 million, but all the same, health department officials are planning "to limit access" and slightly delay the start of open enrollment this November so that any glitches can be worked out and the system won't be overwhelmed with requests," Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post reported today. Editors buried the story on page B5.

"Advocates raised concerns Tuesday that the unusual schedule planned for Maryland could further muddle an already confusing process," Johnson relayed in the second paragraph of her story, "Health-care sign-ups to be staggered." The online version of story bears a different headline, "Md. to stagger access to health exchange Web site to address any technical flaws"

Nowhere in the story did Johnson mention Brown's roll in the ObamaCare fiasco, despite the fact that some polls are showing a tight contest in November's gubernatorial race. 

Count this as yet another occasion where the Washington Post is shielding the Democratic nominee from public awareness about failures of the O'Malley/Brown administration.

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