Laura Ingraham Pans Google After Chatbot Failures Cost Google $90 Billion

February 28th, 2024 12:59 PM

Fox News host Laura Ingraham ripped into both the bias of Gemini, Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot, and its creators, who have cost Google billions of dollars.  

During a Feb. 26 Ingraham Angle segment exposing Gemini’s issues, Ingraham highlighted radical leftist statements by Jack Krawczyk, Google's Senior Director of Product over Gemini. “The man once described as ‘the teacher’ of Google's chatbot apparently has a long history of bashing America online reportedly calling racism the number one value Americans seek to uphold and proclaiming that white privilege is a bleeping -- is real back in 2018,” Ingraham said Monday. That same day Google stock fell to $138.75, a 4.5% loss that cost Google parent company Alphabet $90 billion. 

During the segment, Ingraham and her guests, Heritage Foundation Tech Policy Center Kara Frederick and Article 3 Founder Mike Davis, detailed examples of Gemini’s woke bias, from giving a “nuanced answer” instead of condemning pedophilia and drawing several false equivalences, including between Adolf Hitler and X-owner Elon Musk.  

Frederick reminded Fox News viewers that the problem went beyond poorly designed artificial intelligence, it was the result of human choices. “This is not an accident. Technology is not neutral, it reflects the biases implicit in Jack’s tweets that you just put up there,” Frederick said before explaining that Google would have been aware of these problems. “That echo chamber thought that this was just fine. This rot goes very, very deep. It's systemic.” 

Echoing Frederick’s sentiments, Davis said:

“This artificial intelligence could be a powerful and useful tool for society but it can't get into the wrong hands. When you have Google, which controls the online advertising market, it controls 95% of search and they are using this artificial intelligence tool to promote their political agenda, that's a problem. This is why we need to break up Google's online advertisement monopoly. We need to break up their search monopoly and we can fix this problem. The problem is that Google has too much power and it should not have these tools.” 

The “rot” at Gemini includes examples such as the chatbot downplaying the horrific actions of Hamas during the Oct. 7 terror attack. Gemini’s image generator also demonstrates incredible racial bias against white people, even in prompts for Vikings and founding fathers.

According to The New York Times, Gemini even depicted soldiers from Nazi Germany in a variety of different races. When the Media Research Center tested Gemini, the chatbot refused to produce images of a white scientist, but willingly generated images of “black, Hispanic or Asian scientists.” 

These choices appear to have cost Google a lot of money. 

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