Pro-Free Speech Pundits Cheer Musk Telling Advertisers to ‘Go F*** Yourself’

November 30th, 2023 1:54 PM

Pro-free speech advocates showed their support for X (formerly Twitter) owner Elon Musk after he let advertisers know how he really felt about their anti-free speech blackmail campaign. 

During a Nov. 29 interview with leftist Squawk Box co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin, Musk made clear that he would not be deterred by advertiser boycotts. Musk told Sorkin, “If someone is going to try to blackmail me with advertising— blackmail me with money? -–, go f*** yourself. Go f*** yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is.” Musk’s comment came in response to pressing questions about how some companies, including Walt Disney Corporation, pulled advertising on X. After Musk’s statement, past victims of censorship and proponents of free speech spoke up to support Musk.

Praising Musk’s pushback, The Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon responded, “This is how you handle woke bullies. You refuse to give them what they want because what they want is your integrity,” before promising to double advertising spending on X. 

Echoing Dillon’s response, creator of Libs of TikTok Chaya Raichik, reposted the exchange, calling it “the most incredible clip you will watch today,” and saying that she couldn’t stop watching it, before passing on Musk’s message to boycotting advertisers herself

The Daily Wire host Michael Knowles weighed in on the Nov. 30 edition of The Michael Knowles Show, to say that Musk was right to push back against advertisers. Knowles asked his listeners, “If the richest man in the world is not allowed to speak his mind.  If the richest man in the world is not even allowed to let other people speak the truth as we see it, then why even go on pretending that we live in anything resembling a free country anymore?"

Pundits such as The Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben ShapiroDaily Wire host Matt Walsh, Louder with Crowder host Steven Crowder and Benny Johnson also chimed in to praise Musk. 

Some commentators focused on Musk’s salvo against woke Disney. After Sorkin brought up a conversation he had with Disney CEO Bob Iger, Musk made sure the Disney CEO felt included. Following his curse-laden message, Musk said, “Hey, Bob, if you’re in the audience.”

Musk suggested that consumers would punish corporations like Disney, before pointing out that Disney was already suffering from a boycott. “What this advertising boycott is going to do is it is going to kill the company and the whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company and we will document it in great detail,” Musk told Sorkin.

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