CensorTrack with TR: Popular Pro-Life Podcaster Says Big Tech Is ‘Targeting’ Her for Censorship

June 22nd, 2022 4:30 PM

t’s Episode 43 of CensorTrack with TR. This week we talked about how Savanah Hernandez said that Big Tech baselessly and repeatedly censored her social media accounts.

Savanah Hernandez is a political commentator who regularly takes to the streets to interview Americans. She also runs a podcast called Rapid Fire podcast where she talks about hot-button issues. Typically, Hernandez covers content that legacy media won’t, such as President Joe Biden’s economy, LGBTQ-related content and abortion activists. Her videos at times reach hundreds of thousands of people and have gained the attention of national audiences. 

In 2020, Hernandez tweeted a video of Americans singing the National Anthem, and according to Reclaim The Net, former President Donald Trump retweeted her video. Twitter later deleted her account, according to BlazeMedia reporter Elijah Schaffer

After her first ban, Hernandez said that she created a Twitter account for her podcast, naming it @RapidFire_Pod. She posted a video interview of a Virginia Tech swimmer who voiced oppososition to the supposed win of “transgender” athlete Lia Thomas during the NCAA Championship meet. Hernandez stated, and Rebel News indicated, that Twitter suspended her account due to a “ban evasion.”

Hernandez created a third Twitter account in hopes that the platform would not censor her again. Unfortunately, last week, Twitter permanently banned her for the third time, according to The Post Millennial

Hernandez said she appealed all three bans. But Twitter has not restored any of her accounts as of June 22. 

Hernandez claimed in a post that Instagram is also targeting her accounts. 

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