MRC VP Dan Schneider: Google's AI Is ‘Running Cover for Hamas'

October 26th, 2023 11:36 AM

Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot, appeared to refuse to provide information about a Palestinian-based terror group—all in a bid to tarnish Israel, MRC Vice President Dan Schneider warned.

In a Thursday interview with Fox Business’s Varney & Co., Schneider raised the alarm about Bard for running cover for Hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization. “What happens if you ask Bard, ‘What is Hamas?’ And while Bard can tell you what the Irish Republican Army is; it can tell you what Black Lives Matter is; it can tell you all sorts of things about Antifa; but it doesn't seem to know that Hamas is a terrorist organization,” Schneider told host Stuart Varney. “Bard is running cover for Hamas.”



The answers shocked Schneider, he recounted. “It's almost unbelievable,” he added. “But we've been seeing for years how Google uses its power for a left-wing political agenda. And so, we tested it out using its own chatbot called Bard.” Bard’s disturbing anti-Israeli propaganda did not stop there. “If you ask Bard, ‘What's the capital of Israel?’ Again, Bard is ignorant. It doesn't know,” Schneider remarked. “But it can tell you the capital of all four countries that border Israel.”

In response to the findings, Stuart, visibly disturbed at Bard’s answers, asked, “Is that such a fatal error?” Schneider did not mince his words in his reply. “It's a symbol of what Google is up to. There are people who draft these algorithms that create artificial intelligence,” he added.

“And time and time again — whether it's burying the Republican presidential campaign websites or hiding Senate Republican campaign websites or hiding the March for Life, directing people to Planned Parenthood — Google has a consistent left-wing political agenda, and now it's on display as we see the terrorists attacking Israel,” he declared, drawing attention to previous MRC Free Speech America studies that exposed Google for its disturbing animosity toward conservatives, pro-lifers and Republicans.

Schneider’s revelations were first issued in an Oct. 24 op-ed published in the New York Post. “The tech giant has been manipulating search results for years to achieve its left-wing political goals,” he wrote of Google’s support for the left. “Even after the savages of Gaza gleefully published videos of their war crimes on social media, Google’s artificial-intelligence chatbot can’t break free from its parent’s political ruts.”

Read the op-ed here

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