YouTube Won’t Admit That It Demonetized Ben Shapiro Bombshell Video

August 11th, 2023 5:27 PM

YouTube is working overtime to punish individuals who dare to expose groups that seek to suppress conservatives.

Ben Shapiro, the editor emeritus of the Daily Wire and popular podcast host, decried YouTube on August 11 for reportedly demonitizing the first episode of his new series called “Facts.” Citing an MRC Free Speech America exposé on NewsGuard, the video blasted organizations like NewsGuard for unleashing rating systems aimed at discouraging readers and advertisers from right-leaning outlets. When MRC Free Speech America reached out to YouTube for an explanation the platform admitted no wrong but claimed the video is now monetizable.

Shapiro posted on X (formerly Twitter) that YouTube halted monetization on his video because it “discusses New World Order, which is a non-monetizable ‘conspiracy theory’ under [YouTube’s] Dangerous Acts in ad-friendly guidelines.”  Shapiro torched YouTube saying that “nothing in the video is a conspiracy theory at all” and then called on his followers, over six million of them, to watch the video themselves. Specifically, Shapiro said: “Watch for yourself and get the facts about who is controlling ad revenue on YouTube and all of the largest Big Tech platforms--including this one.”

In a statement to MRC Free Speech America, a YouTube spokesperson directly evaded the questions of whether the video had been demonetized and if so why: “In order for a video to monetize on YouTube it must comply with our advertiser-friendly guidelines, which are publicly accessible and apply to all creators,” the spokesperson claimed, before adding, “Upon review, the video in question is currently monetizing.”

The video in question, originally posted on YouTube on July 29, delved into the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), an infamous campaign founded by the World Federation of Advertisers. In the video, Shapiro said, “NewsGuard is a trusted partner in GARM. They help ensure that ad buyers and users looking for news can be ‘safe, suitable places.’”

As widely reported by MRC Free Speech America, groups like NewsGuard seek to suppress news outlets that publish content contrary to the government-approved narrative on political topics. MRC Free Speech America found that the NewsGuard’s average score for left-leaning outlets was 91/100, versus 66/100 for right-leaning outlets, marking a 25-point difference.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact Microsoft (Edge), the State and Defense Departments, and NewsGuard’s other partners and demand they drop NewsGuard. If you have been censored, contact us using CensorTrack’s contact form, and help us hold Big Tech accountable.