Greg Gutfeld: ‘Misinformation Is Anything the Left Doesn’t Want to Hear’

June 15th, 2023 3:16 PM

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld called out the lunacy of the United Nations plot to fight global “disinformation” in a hilarious segment of his show Gutfeld!

The Fox News comedian blasted a  newly-unleashed United Nations (UN) report that claimed that so-called misinformation, disinformation and hate speech are polluting the “information ecosystem.” Gutfeld commented on the ridiculousness of the 25-page report. “As you may recall misinformation is anything a leftist doesn't want to hear,” he said. The report — announced by UN Secretary-General António Guterres and aimed at policing digital content — featured a now-viral diagram that prompted Gutfeld to erupt with a hilarious reaction.

Gutfeld lambasted the UN. “The most interesting thing in the report is this baffling, bizarre Venn diagram he chose to illustrate his lack of a point. I haven't seen a drawing this misleading since Jessica Rabbit. Rabbits do not look like that.” The popular comedian host described the diagram, adding, “Let's see here. We have ‘misinformation’ meets ‘disinformation’ combined with ‘hate speech’ equals ‘pollutes the information ecosystem’ and ‘threatens human progress.’”

The infamous report, headlined “Information Integrity on Digital Platforms,” laid out a set of Draconian recommendations on how governments and Big Tech platforms must address what they dubiously claim to be “dis” and “misinformation.” Gutfeld criticized the guidelines as a form to subdue freedom of speech, stating, “Remember, kids, those are all subjective terms. Obviously, legislating their definitions at the recommendation of a global authoritarian is the fast track to 1984.”

In the report, Gutteres, a notorious socialist politician, warned that free speech would not be endangered by the recommendations. To which Gutfeld responded, “Gutteres proposes a global code of conduct that would see governments and tech companies policing content without infringing on free speech, which is like cutting off your oxygen without infringing on your breathing.”

Gutfeld also took the opportunity to mock the United Nations diagram by sharing his own versions. “We can make stupid graphs, too. For example, when you combine ripped plus handsome plus intelligent. Yeah, you get [Bill] Hemmer,” Gutfeld mocked. 

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris also received some of Gutfeld's hilarious heat, who concluded, “Women's restroom, men's restroom, White House lawn equals places Joe Biden has defecated. Microphone, booze, Xanax, Kamala Harris. This is such a good game show. This is the perfect game show, right? It should be called Venn diagram.”

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