‘We Got the Documents’: Bozell on with Larry O’Connor RIPS Biden DHS Weaponization

May 25th, 2023 1:44 PM

A fired-up Media Research Center President Brent Bozell exposed how Biden’s DHS targets conservatives and Christians through a taxpayer-funded grant program meant to fight terrorism.

In an interview with WMAL radio host Larry O’Connor on Thursday, Bozell raised the alarm about the weaponization of the Department of Homeland Security. “This is not hyperbole, folks. When you talk about the deep state targeting conservatives, here’s the evidence of it,” Bozell said of an explosive report released by the MRC Free Speech America that details how DHS grants are being used to target conservatives, Republicans and Christians by associating them with neo-Nazis and terror groups.

“They’ve given grants to 80 separate organizations totaling $40 million to fight domestic terrorism. We’ve done FOIAs in 31 of those,” Bozell said. The MRC expose investigated how the University of Dayton used DHS funds to launch an infamous program called Prevents-OH. In its application for DHS grants, the University of Dayton featured a pyramid of so-called “far-right radicalization” that mixed terrorist groups with conservatives and Republicans, including Christians.

“We got the documents,” Bozell said in response to the DHS’s attempt to stonewall the months-long FOIA investigation into the grantees, including the University of Dayton. “The University of Dayton] put on a conference in December of 2020. It was dealing with domestic terrorism. One professor who spoke compared Donald Trump to the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. One speaker, another university professor compared what DeSantis was doing to the Holocaust,” the MRC president continued.

The reckless attempts to draw a straight line from conservatives, Republicans and Christians to neo-Nazi radicalism did not stop there, Bozell warned. “Here’s the best one, one person came in, Michael Loadenthal. Michael Loadenthal gave a presentation where he showed where the domestic terrorism [is]. He had four levels. On the first level, he had [...] the American Conservative Union. He had The Heritage Foundation, the most prestigious policy group in America. He had Fox News. He had the Christian Broadcasting Network and he had the Republican National Committee.” At the very top of these levels, Bozell continued, he had “pro-Nazi organizations” and “Nazi organizations.”

Bozell concluded by exposing Loadenthal’s calls to action against conservatives. “It gets even better than that,” Bozell said. “This is the guy who says he wants to deny people to shut down their websites.”

Loadenthal, a self-proclaimed member of Antifa, is on record calling for the groups listed in the pyramid to be de-platformed, for their meetings to be closed and for leftists to “physically prevent them from assembling in public.”

During the seminar, Loadenthal admitted that a lot of his proposals were “illegal,” Bozell said during the radio interview. “This is an extraordinary thing, he said, ‘A lot of things we’re doing are illegal. A lot of it involves breaking the law,’” Bozell concluded quoting Loandethal.

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