Hypocrisy on Parade: Twitter Censors Project Veritas, But Not The Lincoln Project

February 12th, 2021 1:10 PM

Twitter has once again demonstrated that its policies are perhaps more flexible in some cases: namely, if you’re not a conservative. 

Twitter banned Project Veritas and temporarily locked its founder James O'Keefe’s account for allegedly posting “private information.” Meanwhile, the vehemently anti-Trump Lincoln Project posted, and later deleted, a thread containing nine alleged screenshots of a conversation between The 19th News reporter Amanda Becker and Lincoln Project co-founder Jennifer Horn

“1. Lincoln Project tweeted out a thread that appeared to contain screenshots from their former partner @NHJennifer's account. Unclear how they got access to them. These exchanges were with journalist @AmandaBecker. They have deleted the thread but here are screenshots,” said Yashar Ali, freelance reporter for HuffPost and contributing writer for New York magazine and The Daily Beast, in a Twitter thread.

Horn reportedly left The Lincoln Project last week amid allegations of sexual assault against co-founder John Weaver, and “has had a public spat with the anti-Trump group ever since her departure,” according to Fox News

Ali added later in his thread that “4. The Lincoln Project started deleting their thread when @gtconway3d said that it appeared to be a violation of federal law. (accessing someone else's DMs without permission).” Ali added a screenshot of a tweet from attorney and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway. In the tweet, Conway said “This looks on its face to be a violation of federal law and should be taken down immediately.” 

Conway “departed from the group back in August 2020,” Fox News reported

An unverified account, purporting to be Horn, confirmed in a quote tweet of Ali’s thread that she did not give permission to post the screenshots. “Hey @Twitter @jack @TwitterSupport I did not give consent,” tweeted the unverified Horn account.

“Sharing someone’s private information online without their permission, sometimes called doxxing, is a breach of their privacy and of the Twitter Rules,” according to Twitter’s Private Information Policy

Apparently, Twitter decided that The Lincoln Project did not violate its rules. “NEWS Twitter spox tells me that the Lincoln Project tweet thread containing DM's from @NHJennifer's account (which she says were obtained without consent) do NOT violate Twitter rules. I'm also told by Twitter that the tweets are NOT a violation of their hacked materials policy,” Ali tweeted.

“Lollll posting someone’s private messages to Twitter without their consent doesn’t violate Twitter’s hacked materials policy? Ok,” tweeted Senior Director of Policy at Conservative Partnership Institute Rachel Bovard, who is also a board member of the Free Speech Alliance, a project of TechWatch.

Project Veritas had posted a video on Twitter that reportedly included footage that included what appears to have been Facebook Vice President of Integrity Guy Rosen’s address number. “Project Veritas does not share Rosen’s street name, city, state, or zip code,” The Daily Caller noted

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