Bozell: Google’s Election Interference Is ‘Deliberate,’ and ‘They’re Getting Away with It’

March 21st, 2024 5:22 PM

MRC President Brent Bozell went on Rich Valdés’s show America at Night to discuss MRC’s groundbreaking report exposing Google’s election interference efforts over the last 16 years.

MRC researchers documented 41 examples revealing Google’s election interference efforts between 2008 and 2024 to benefit the most liberal candidates, including former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden. “We found it over and over and over again. This is deliberate,” Bozell told Valdés. “These people do not care about the rule of law.” 

Read the Special Report Here: 41 Times Google Has Interfered in US Elections Since 2008

The pair discussed the report in detail noting that Google suspended the accounts of bloggers who supported then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election. Again in 2012, inconsistent with its stated policy, Google refused to resolve a search engine manipulation prank that smeared then-leading Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. The company has also been shown to favor its candidate of choice in its search results, autofill options and its Google News and AI chatbot results. 

Bozell specifically drew attention to a 2022 MRC Free Speech America report that showed how Google search results buried the campaign websites of 10 of 12 Republican Senate candidates in highly competitive races. He also noted that Google Search results have censored “every candidate except for Joe Biden a total of 112 times.” As he pointed out the interference, has the potential to cause election-altering damage to candidates’ campaigns. 

“Surveys are now showing that up to five percent of the American people make their decision on of  who to vote for based on a Google search,” Bozell said. “So when you are one of those five percent and you don’t even see a Republican – less than one percent go past page one – then that five percent is being pushed right into the Democratic camp.”

The MRC president accused Google of making undisclosed contributions through the technological advantages it offers certain candidates. “One could argue – and I would definitely argue – that these constitute illegal campaign contributions because a corporation is not allowed to make a campaign contribution to a federal campaign,” Bozell said. “So indeed these are deliberate blatant attempts to put the thumb down on the election process in the United States.”

He went on to shred Google and the double standard set out for similar tech companies that make such contributions. “If you had a government that truly wanted to uphold the rule of law, where you have campaign contribution laws on the books, where if your radio station gave money to Donald Trump, it would be breaking the law,” he said. “And yet Google is deliberately participating in this by doing the kind of censorship they’re doing, which is a campaign activity, and they’re getting away with it.”

You can read more of in the Special Report below:
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