Violent Antifa Exposed by Project Veritas Remains on Twitter

June 8th, 2020 6:51 AM

Twitter Rules state that the platform “prohibit[s] the glorification of violence.” But it appears that this rule only applies to certain accounts, not to all of them. 

An exposé from Project Veritas found that two Antifa groups -- Rose City Antifa (Portland, Oregon) and The Base (Brooklyn) -- engaged in violent behavior and tactics in protests. In the video, an insider, who claimed to have infiltrated Rose City Antifa, recorded a member teaching other members how to “injure someone’s eyes.” Rose City Antifa targets people that it considers to be alt-right or fascist, and then doxxes, or posts private information like their home address, on its website. On Twitter, it will link to those doxxing pieces. 

"A dox is a digital brick through a window," an alleged member of Antifa told Pacific Standard Magazine in 2017. 

Twitter did not respond when asked for comment. 

Twitter Rules state, “You may not publish or post other people's private information without their express authorization and permission. We also prohibit threatening to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so.” Yet some of these tweets from Rose City Antifa have stayed live on the platform for years

Twitter Rules also state that if information is released in the interest of harming someone, it will be removed. “[I]f we believe that someone is sharing information with an abusive intent, or to harass or encourage others to harass another person, we will take action,” state the Twitter Rules. 

“Consider, like, destroying your enemy, not, like, delivering a really awesome right hand, right eye, left eye blow, you know. It’s not boxing; it’s not kickboxing. It’s, like, destroying your enemy,” an alleged member of Antifa was recorded as saying in the Veritas video. Yet the Rose City Antifa account is still on Twitter and able to continue pushing its doxxing campaigns against people it views as opponents. 

This isn’t unique. When alt-left site Splinter published an article in 2018 that released White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller’s cell phone number, the Twitter account was not suspended. 

But when President Donald Trump tweeted about the Minneapolis riots, Twitter had no issue tacking on a warning label that stated, “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence.”