Twitter Reportedly Cracks Down on Memes Mocking Biden

April 24th, 2020 1:59 PM

Twitter allows manipulated media of President Donald Trump to remain on its platform. But memes of Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden are allegedly taken down if they are even mentioned.

A meme, made to look like a fake Biden ad, showed the candidate smiling with a beam of light coming from his chest. A statement that says, “His brain? No. His heart,” sits to the left of the person. Trump’s director of communications Tim Murtaugh allegedly tweeted the image, saying, “Is this fake? Can’t trust Twitter, but this would seem to be the Biden campaign leaning in on the fact that ol’ Joe has lost his fastball.”

According to Vox’s tech magazine The Verge, a Twitter spokesperson said, “Our enforcement team determined that this Tweet violates our Election Integrity Policy. They’re taking appropriate steps to enforce our policy across the service.”

Murtaugh’s tweet was removed, said The Verge. At least 20 other accounts were allegedly suspended or had tweets allegedly removed, including actress and congressional candidate Mindy Robinson. Human Events editor Ian Miles Cheong tweeted that Robinson, conservative pundit John Cardillo, and another account were allegedly suspended.

According to, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave exclusively to Democrats, amounting to the sum of $18,250.

Previously, a video tweeted by Trump that mocked former President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Biden was reportedly deleted by Twitter, according to the Washington Examiner. The reason for the alleged removal was a “copyright complaint.”

However, popular Twitter account ALX (@ALX), a spokesperson for Turning Point USA, was allegedly suspended, according to Red State, for sharing a meme that mocked Biden’s dealings with China. The meme showed a picture of China’s Chairman Xi Jinping endorsing Biden.

The Biden campaign whined to The Verge, saying, “While the President continues to assail our free press as ‘fake news’ — once again it is his campaign spreading lies and disinformation. Sadly, we don’t expect any better from the Trump Campaign as they get increasingly desperate.”

Conservative commentator Stephen Miller tweeted, “If Twitter is suspending accounts over a fake Joe Biden meme, it's because they think the meme might be mistaken for being real. That seems like a hell of an indictment on what people might think of Joe Biden.”

Popular Twitter account Neontaster noted that someone who commented on his tweet was allegedly suspended for just saying the words in the Biden meme.