RFK Jr Illuminates Some Startling Details about Biden and Big Tech’s Collusion

April 15th, 2024 1:10 PM

Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave the game away on how the Biden White House used fear and intimidation to push social media censorship.

Kennedy Jr. appeared on the April 14 episode of Dave Rubin’s The Rubin Report. During the podcast, Kennedy elucidated more on his heated interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, in which he categorized President Joe Biden as a worse threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump, much to the astonishment of the CNN host. 

Kennedy used this appearance with Rubin to further justify his claims on CNN by categorizing Biden’s anti-free speech actions as a unique, unprecedented betrayal of the American identity, and that, unlike Trump, Biden has been proven to have engaged in anti-democratic activity. 

Further elaborating on his CNN remarks, Kennedy said that “President Biden did something no other president in history, and a court has found this. There’s no court that’s found that President Trump tried to steal the election, tried to derail the election, or tried to start an insurrection. There may be plenty of evidence that he did that. There’s no court that has found that. But there is a court that had found that President Biden was censoring his opponents.”

Kennedy is referring to a preliminary injunction issued by a district court judge against the Biden administration’s censorship operation. The judge concluded that the Biden administration had indeed threatened social media companies and ordered that certain government entities and members of the Biden administration cease threatening or directing social media companies to censor.

Kennedy then went on to explain some of Biden’s censorship activities in more detail and exposed how the operation worked.

“The president had leverage to make these companies comply, which is they were threatening to pull antitrust laws, but also to pull Section 230 immunity,” Kennedy said. “Section 230 of the Communications Act is the section that makes Facebook and, you know, the platforms immune from defamation suits.”

According to Kennedy, without Section 230, social media companies would practically cease to exist, and he categorized its repeal as an “existential” threat to these platforms. 

“The White House was threatening these platforms that if you don’t censor RFK and other people, that we’re gonna go after your Section 230 immunity, and that is existential for them, so of course they complied,” he said.

Earlier in the episode, Kennedy had warned Rubin that this kind of unconstitutional activity by the incumbent president was unlikely to stop. 

“Biden has three billion dollars that he’s gonna have, according to the New York Times, for this campaign, probably double any campaign in history,” Kennedy said. “But he’s not gonna use that money to amplify his voice. He’s gonna use it to try to get Trump off the ballot, to try and get me off the ballot, to try and make sure he doesn't have anyone running, and it’s ironic because the Democrats are all lambasting Vladimir Putin because he won 81 percent of the vote because he didn't have any opponents.”

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