Dan Bongino Blasts 60 Minutes as ‘Goon Hack Commie Network’ for ‘Misinformation’ Segment

March 26th, 2024 4:56 PM

Syndicated radio host Dan Bongino scorched 60 Minutes for its latest hot take on “misinformation” before the 2024 election and pointed out that the network was not exactly reputed for being truthful.

Bongino addressed a recent 60 Minutes segment on The Dan Bongino Show on Monday. The theme of the segment was that a group of “misinformation researchers” were concerned about not being able to control the narrative ahead of the 2024 election. “The bottom line is this. There is a group of people, it’s not a group of Spider-Man/Venom-like characters, and what they’re doing, is they’re out there trying to control, manipulate, gaslight and brainwash people,” Bongino said of this shadowy group of researchers.   

“The information nuclear war is exploding,” Bongino told his audience. He warned that there is  an “information warfare going on right now where lefties are desperate to try and control the narrative.”

Bongino had some not-too-flattering words to spare for the 60 Minutes show. 

60 Minutes, the goon hack commie network, communist network, I mean what I say,” Bongino said of the television program. “It is a straight agitprop propaganda network full of bullshitters and liars, [they] ran an entire piece last night attacking Elon, attacking social media companies. Attacking it for what? For not censoring more.”

Bongino not only took issue with the stance of 60 Minutes; he also pointed out the sheer hypocrisy of the network smearing dissenting views as untruths when they have spread many fibs of their own.

“So 60 Minutes — the network that ran with the pee pee hoax, the network that refused to tell the truth when they knew the Hunter laptop was likely real — is running a segment on disinformation attacking conservatives who expose them?” Bongino asked rhetorically. 

Bongino appeared offended at the intellectual dishonesty of the network, saying: “Folks, this is the biggest F.U. I have ever seen to America.”  

However, Bongino was not simply concerned with the 60 Minutes segment. He attributed it to a much larger last-ditch effort by “the blob” or “the Deep State” to maintain control of the narrative ahead of the elections.

Drawing attention to an NBC News report on the topic of misinformation, Bongino further scolded: “You think this is a coincidence that research universities and research groups—that have spent millions if not billions of dollars around the globe working with governments and NGOs trying to censor you—are now afraid they’re losing control before an election? So 60 Minutes does an attack on conservatives for attacking these fake groups that are trying to censor you, and NBC writes a piece just what? A couple days before. You think that’s a coincidence, right?”

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