Business Insider Calls Terrorists ‘Hamas Fighters’ While Decrying ‘Misinformation’ on Twitter

October 11th, 2023 12:14 PM

As the devastating Hamas-Israel War rages on, Business Insider launched an attack of a different kind against Elon Musk and X—while failing its own anti-“misinformation” standards.

Palestinian Hamas terrorists invaded Israel over the weekend, committing appalling atrocities and killing at least 1,200 Israelis, acts which the Palestinian Authority (PA) refused to condemn. X (formerly Twitter) has been a hotspot for citizens, officials and war victims to share video and images, but Business Insider asserted that “misinformation” is “rife” on the platform.

Yet, even while screeching that “Social media has never felt more dangerous,” Insider’s Hasan Chowdhury called terrorists “Hamas fighters” and never mentioned any of the Hamas atrocities. In fact, the word “terrorist” doesn’t appear once in his entire article. 

Chowdhury described the horrific Hamas attack without even mentioning that Hamas had killed anyone. “Hamas fighters crossed the border into Israel on Saturday, prompting Israeli forces to respond with air strikes on Gaza,” wrote this supposed champion of truth. These are the “fighters” who beheaded babies and soldiers and gunned down entire families. But, according to Chowdhury, who scraped up a mere three examples of the alleged misinformation epidemic for his piece, it’s Elon Musk spreading fake news.

“Some of the worst offenders are those who pay for visibility and verification through Twitter Blue, now known as X Premium,” Chowdhury announced. He particularly slammed Musk, “The billionaire directed his 159 million X followers to two social-media accounts that previously posted fake news.” Why is Chowdhury the arbiter on online truth, especially when he described terrorists as “fighters”?

The Business Insider writer mocked Musk for portraying X as “the bastion of citizen journalism.” Chowdhury quoted BBC Monitoring disinformation specialist Shayan Sardarizadeh to assert that X has had a “deluge of false posts.” Oddly, Chowdhury did not cite Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei calling the Israeli government a “cancer” or the State of Palestine account falsely blaming Israel for the violence. He cited Musk’s temporary promotion for war news of two accounts that turned out to be untrustworthy as the ultimate proof.

Chowdhury ended his hypocritical rant by claiming of X, “The vitriol and inaccurate information posted on the platform through the weekend show the site is far away from achieving Elon Musk's dream of disintermediated ‘citizen journalism.’”

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