DYSTOPIA: Leftist LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Calls Dangerous AI ‘Realization’ of ‘Dream’

May 11th, 2023 12:00 PM

A leftist LinkedIn co-founder and Microsoft board member is practically drooling over risky AI tech, calling it “the realization of [a] dream.” Perhaps that’s because Microsoft is currently leading the race in that insidious industry.

LinkedIn co-founder and Microsoft board member Reid Hoffman is not among the tech leaders warning against the mad rush to develop powerful AI. Like LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft, Hoffman is all in on the dangerous tech.

In an interview he did with The Washington Post, Hoffman called AI “the most important tech development” of his lifetime, and “there is almost a sense in which AI is the realization of the dream and the benefit of the transistor.”

Hoffman appeared so enamored with AI — either because of financial benefit or power — that he apparently dismissed the new tech’s dangers, including its ability to enhance Big Tech censorship capabilities.



“Hoffman, with his Microsoft connections, said the quiet part out loud during the interview on AI: 'slowing down, stopping now is losing our lead,' so, of course he's not the least bit interested in taking a pause on AI development,” rebuked MRC Free Speech America and MRC Business Director Michael Morris. “The AI arms race is in full swing, and right now, his company is winning."

Hoffman also has a history of funding censorship efforts and an a major initiative to prevent former President Donald Trump’s re-election. This signals that his zeal for AI could involve how the technology could enhance his own political goals to impose his leftist politics on the nation. After all, Hoffman attacked Trump at length during his interview with The Post. He opined concerning a recent controversial court ruling that found Trump liable for battery and defamation charges, “I thought [it] was a good thing for society…the fact that a court found President Trump guilty doesn't surprise me.”

Hoffman did concede to The Post concerning AI that “[t]here will be bad actors, and I actually think the real risks are on bad actor amplification.” But that didn’t damp his “optimism.” 

In fact, Hoffman even tried to claim his aggressive and risky AI push is out of his benignant love of humanity:

 “And part of the reason why I beat the drum so firmly in the positive camp, it's not that I'm risk unaware, and I think we need to navigate them, but oh, my gosh, every month we delay an AI tutor and doctor, for everyone who has a smartphone or has a friend who has a smartphone, just think about the human suffering that is caused by that delay, and that is super important.” 

How touching.

Hoffman touted how he is on Microsoft’s board and that the company is actively working with OpenAI to develop the dangerous tech. “[T]hese products are just, you know, like transforming,” Hoffman enthused.

He celebrated a dystopian future ruled by AI, “Every professional activity, we process information to do something--a doctor, a journalist, educator, lawyer, engineer, graphic designer, et cetera--will have a copilot, a personal AI within 2 to 5 years that will be amplifying of their abilities.”

He continued: “And Microsoft saw this technology, jumped on it, and started moving hard towards it.” Hoffman even has his own AI project, which he is touting along with ChatGPT, which has a leftist bias.

He even had the audacity to offer a word of praise for China, arguably the world’s worst censorship regime. “[T]he Chinese are generally more on the side of, you know, their doctrine of peaceful growth,” he proclaimed of the mass murdering regime. Apparently Hoffman isn’t too concerned about AI being used in China to assist the tyrannical government there with censorship and surveillance—it might be coming to America all too soon.

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