Federal Government-Backed Big Tech Censorship Colluder Decries ‘Gendered Disinformation’

March 29th, 2023 5:59 PM

The same Biden administration-backed entity that was caught colluding with Big Tech to muzzle Americans through "intel" methods is back for more: This time around the group is cracking down on "gendered disinformation."

America First Legal (AFL) recently obtained documentation that showed the government-backed Global Engagement Center (GEC), an interagency entity which is listed under the oversight of the State Department, worked with Big Tech platforms in 2021 to censor Americans. But GEC isn’t giving up on censorship, evidently, since it released a report March 27 about supposed “gendered disinformation” both at home and abroad.

It’s unclear what on earth “gendered disinformation” exactly means. GEC, however, vaguely defines the woke term as “a subset of misogynistic abuse and violence against women that uses false or misleading gender and sex-based narratives, often with some degree of coordination, to deter women from participating in the public sphere.”

“Both foreign state and non-state actors strategically use gendered disinformation to silence women, discourage online political discourse, and shape perceptions toward gender and the role of women in democracies,” GEC alleged in its March 27 report. It announced a “groundbreaking study” from Canada, Germany, the European External Action Service (EEAS), the UK, Slovakia, and the US assessing “the tactics used by these actors to sow gendered and other identity-based disinformation across the world.” Some of its examples were very vague.

The “groundbreaking” report went on to detail these vaguely defined yet supposedly hugely important findings. These included the accusation that certain countries target women online and that this disinformation “undermine[s] democracy.” Both men and women are harassed online, which everyone already knows, but much of the report is filled with leftist catchphrases.

Considering GEC, which is supposed to focus on foreign issues, directly worked with tech platforms in 2021 to use foreign intelligence methods to censor Americans’ COVID-19 discussion online, it isn’t surprising that GEC is once again complaining about disinformation. If GEC censored Americans before, claiming “disinformation,” can’t it do so based on “gendered disinformation?”

Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi reported that the GEC, whose partners included FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA, DARPA and Special Operations Command (SOCOM), created blacklists of American Twitter accounts for the platform to censor.

GEC’s woke virtue signaling is particularly hypocritical, however, since the State Department in which it is housed recently gave a woman’s day award to a biological male. PJ Media reported March 8 that the State Department gave an “International Woman of Courage Award” to biological male and transgender activist “Alba” Rueda. Talk about “disinformation.” 

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