Woke Activision Employees Walk Out In Pro-Abortion Protest

July 24th, 2022 3:33 PM

Woke employees at Activision Blizzard walked out last week in protest of the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that the employees believe they are taking a stand for social justice.

“We need to make sure that all of our LGBT people, all of the people at ABK [Activision Blizzard King] with the capacity for pregnancy, all of the women at the company feel safe and protected and that they have the ability to live in places that aren’t going to actively harm them,” Valentine Powell, a senior engineer on “World of Warcraft,” told the paper.

Others blamed the company for “pushing” employees to walk out because it is not taking more steps to defend abortion.

“This walkout is the right thing to do. ABK should be ashamed that they are pushing their employees to walk out instead of accepting the demands and creating a safer workplace,” Fabby Garza, a quality assurance tester and organizer of the walkout, told The Post

Activision Blizzard says it supports “gender equity,” but its efforts do not appear satisfactory to many employees.

“We support the right of our employees to express their views and values in a safe, responsible way, without fear of retaliation. There are numerous ways they can do so publicly or confidentially,” Activision Blizzard spokesperson Rich George told The Post. “Our leadership team remains focused on ensuring we are the very best place to work. This includes ensuring gender equity throughout the company and comprehensive access to reproductive and other health care services for every employee.”

Others protested to demand the continuation of remote work options.

“The remote work demand is very close to my heart. As someone who lives with chronic pain and fatigue as well as anxiety, it’s much easier to manage these things in a controlled remote work environment,” Kate Anderson, a quality assurance tester, said according to the paper. 

“We have tried to rally around remote work demands in the past, particularly with the vaccine mandate walkout [in April]. In Minnesota, we have seen several covid breakouts when they have tried return to office pushes in the past.”

One employee said the company wasn’t doing enough to protest “anti-trans legislation.”

“I deeply believe that the company should do what they can to protect employees, so their silence on Dobbs [decision to overturn Roe v. Wade] and anti-trans legislation sends a message that they don’t appreciate us enough to provide what I feel are very reasonable asks,” Allen Junge, a quality assurance functional tester, said according to The Post.

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