CENSORED: Twitter Permanently Suspends Pro-Trump Meme Creator Carpe Donktum

June 24th, 2020 4:21 PM

Twitter has continued its unabashed attacks on President Donald Trump and his allies by permanently suspending well-known, pro-Trump meme creator Carpe Donktum. 

“I have been Permanently Suspended by twitter for the Todler [sic] video that President Trump tweeted last week,” Carpe Donktum announced in a post on free speech platform Locals.com. Carpe Dontum explained that he “received a DMCA takedown order this morning for that video, and a few hours later a suspension letter.”

The video in question had been tweeted by Trump himself. The video depicted a fake CNN headline that stated, "TERRIFIED TODLER [sic] RUNS FROM RACIST BABY." This was the caption below footage of an African-American toddler being chased by a white toddler. This was then followed by a clip of "WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED," which featured the same two children “running toward each other on a sidewalk before embracing as Harry Connick Jr.'s version of the Carpenter's ‘Close to You’ plays,” NBC News summarized. 

Twitter initially labelled the video as “manipulated media” and has since made it inaccessible in response to “a report by the copyright owner.”

Carpe Dontum argued that he “ALWAYS complied with DMCA takedown rules, and I have submitted counterclaims when necessary, but I have NEVER uploaded content that has been removed.” He went on to claim that he “abided by the community guidlines, [sic] and followed the rules,” but that “It doesn't matter.”

His theory on the true reason for his ban from Twitter paints a grim portrait of the platform’s ideologically driven management:

“I have been banned for being effective and they won't even look me in the eye as they do it.”

Carpe Donktum claimed that Twitter management has deliberately ignored his pleas suggesting the platform “responded to ABC news, but not me, THE ACCOUNT HOLDER” over his suspension.

He urged his fans: “If you would like to support me, make noise, the only thing these people respond to is public outcry.” 

Twitter users can demand that the platform stand for free speech and give Carpe Donktum his account back by tweeting comments to the official @Twitter account.