Liberal Tech Outlet Says, ‘Trump Should Resign’ Over Coronavirus Response

March 12th, 2020 4:38 PM

The deputy editor for a popular tech outlet says she has just the solution for improving the coronavirus response: President “Donald Trump should resign.”

No, really. That’s in the headline of a piece by The Verge.

Elizabeth Lopatto of The Verge has declared that president Donald Trump is a “danger to public health” and that his negligence “could kill hundreds of thousands.” Lopatto’s coverage in The Verge’s science column headlined “TO IMPROVE THE US CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE, DONALD TRUMP SHOULD RESIGN,” painted a grim picture of America’s future. She claimed that “The president’s incoherence has reached a level that is a hazard to public health.”

Lopatto must be a joy at dinner parties with zingers against the president like: “Trump should not open his mouth — he makes things worse every time he does it.” Indeed, the longer the article goes, the worse it seems to get.

But she argues she has found the proper solution: “The best thing Trump can do for the country, to speed its response to the novel coronavirus, is resign and let someone capable take over. Is that Mike Pence? At this point, I’m willing to find out.”

She also claimed that “the president accidentally started a trade war with Europe during a televised address about the novel coronavirus pandemic, which was then walked back with a tweet. He was trying to announce a travel ban.”

Lopatto went on, suggesting, “We are desperately short on time to fend off a new illness that could kill hundreds of thousands,” before adding, “We are far behind on testing and are essentially going into this pandemic without a playbook. And the president is concerned about his narrative.”

“Every time the president speaks about the coronavirus, the markets plunge, so I know I’m not the only person longing for an adult in the room.”