Whistleblower Leaks Google’s ‘White Privilege’ Diversity Training

March 28th, 2019 3:40 PM

A software engineer at Google has made another devastating reveal of Google’s liberal bias.

Mike Wacker leaked two pages of far-left dogma on race, privilege, and sexuality published in Google’s Allyship 101 “diversity training” materials. He quipped on Twitter, “At Google, we are a nonpartisan company…so long as you first accept our highly partisan definitions of key terms.” He elaborated that these policy-shaping definitions come from sources like “UC Berkeley and also Robin DiAngelo, the author of White Fragility.” Wacker previously made headlines when he claimed that a Google manager vowed “we need to stop hate [speech] and fake news because that’s how Trump won the election."

The handout cited many talking points from far left academia. They cited Gender as a “socially constructed system of classification.” It also defined “whiteness” as a “constantly shifting boundary separating those who are entitled to have certain privileges from those whose exploitation and vulnerability to violence is justified by their not being white.” 

Meanwhile it unified all people who did not identify as white as “People of Color,” a term they say “encompasses all non-white peoples who have “common experiences of systemic racism.” What is telling about this dynamic is that there is no term used to address hostility to white people as a group. This is very clearly an ideology to radicalize “oppressed” groups in opposition to “oppressor” groups.

Wacker also tweeted that these screenshots come from a workbook used in diversity training called “Allyship 101.” He asserted that he took this training in February 2018 and that they “contain a list of key terms and their slanted definitions. To fully understand the topic of diversity and inclusion at Google, you need to understand this specialized jargon.”

He commented that the concept of “allyship” here, rather than merely being a friendly supporter, “segregates people into ‘advantaged’ and ‘disadvantaged’ tribes—often along identity-based lines such as race and gender—and it defines allyship as members of the ‘advantaged’ or ‘privileged’ tribe helping the ‘disadvantaged’ or ‘oppressed’ tribe.”

He specifically addressed how “grievance studies” rhetoric of college campuses and silicon valley tech companies are increasingly similar. “It's not the first time I've seen Google compared to college campuses in an unfavorable way.”

University of Toronto psychology professor and author Dr Jordan B Peterson tweeted an excerpt of the memo, commenting on the viral nature of social justice, “Google goes full social justice. You can't imbibe just a little of the doctrine, without being infected”

Google also has found common cause with Amazon, Facebook, and other high profile companies in opposing Texas bills they claim promote “exclusion of LGBTQ people.” They penned a letter  where they praised Texas strength as a byproduct of its “respect for inclusion and diversity.” and condemned “policies that explicitly or implicitly allow for the exclusion of LGBTQ people, or anyone else."

When liberals praise diversity, they use it as a codeword for replacing groups they dislike with those they see as virtuous victims. There is no place for diversity of opinion, such as respecting the right of conservative Texans who are being increasingly marginalized in the state. 

As liberals flee places like over-regulated, open-borders California to Texas, they bring their destructive policies with them. Texans introduced this bill as a bulwark against the lefty agenda. 

Local leadership, however have resolved to stand firm as the office of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick defended both controversial bills.

“SB 15 will protect Texas’ businesses from local officials who want to tell business owners how to run their companies. SB 17 will ensure that anyone can practice their profession in Texas without being forced to compromise their religious faith,” his office stated.