D.C. Mayor Flip Flops: Bowser Declares Public Emergency Over Migrant Influx

September 9th, 2022 9:55 AM

Wait, so there is a crisis of illegal immigrants now? 

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency over the migrant crisis after dozens of border-crossers were bussed in from Texas and Arizona. Bowser claimed that the District would create an Office of Migrant Services to help with the crisis, using $10 million to fund it.

Bowser announced the creation of the new Office for Migrant Support, a subdivision of the DHHS,  to deal with what she deems the "public emergency" created by the arrival of the illegals. The office “will be responsible for the reception, respite, meals, temporary accommodations and other basic needs of migrants arriving after crossing the southern border,” WUSA9 reported. 

Bowser’s rhetoric is laughable. She has a history of being numb to the repercussions of having open borders. 

Bowser has proudly reaffirmed DC’s sanctuary city status in previous years and celebrated immigration. “We celebrate those who are seeking citizenships  - and those who are not,” she said at a city event in June of 2019.

Now, all of a sudden, once they arrive here, she starts screaming “EMERGENCY” out of every crevice of her body. 

Even so, Bowser claims the issue is “certainly not of our making.” In her speech, she blamed the governors of Arizona and Texas for the crisis. 

Fox5 indicated that between TX and AZ, approximately 9,400 border-crossers have been bussed to D.C. since the spring. 

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) and Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ) have sent dozens of buses full of border-crossing migrants to Washington D.C and New York City in the past few months as border cities are flooded with them. These governors think that border states shouldn’t have to be the only ones dealing with the situation.

The Biden administration hasn’t addressed the crisis one bit  - so it’s only fair for DC to share in the wealth of incoming border crossers, right?

Bowser, of course, wants the federal government to bail DC out of the $10 million bill for the program, to make sure “that states and cities like ours aren’t left holding the bag.” 

Holding the bag like you expect TX and AZ to do?

Is that what you mean Bowser?