Kathy Griffin Cusses Out Trump: ‘When He Goes Low, I Go Lower’

October 21st, 2016 1:01 PM

Editor’s Note: This article contains explicit language.

If there’s one admirable thing about Kathy Griffin, it’s this: she doesn’t claim to be tolerant. Thus, when the lewd comedienne released two videos vulgarly attacking Donald Trump, it was simply consistent with her shtick. 

On October 18, Griffin partnered with YouTube duo “A Brit and a Yank” to produce a spoof of Hillary Clinton’s ad “Mirrors” as well as a risqué voting video. As expected, both denigrated Trump and promoted Clinton.

In “Mirrors,” Griffin is seen hugging a young girl – clearly a replication of an embrace featured at the beginning of Clinton’s ad. As Griffin applies makeup and brushes her hair, Trump’s voice can be heard making insulting comments about women. Each time the candidate speaks, Griffin replies: “Fuck off!” At one point, she gets so annoyed that she yells: “Oh fuck off, you piece of shit!”

“Sorry Michelle, but when he goes low, I go lower,” Griffin eventually states, referencing a line from Mrs. Obama’s much-talked-of DNC speech. At the end of the video, the same text from Clinton’s ad appears: “Is Donald Trump the president we want for our daughters?” 

In the other PSA, titled “Your Vote Matters,” Griffin announces: “I’ve got a houseful of people giving me excuses about why they might not vote. Let’s check in.” She proceeds to travel through the building and converse with each person about why they should vote. Predictably, she throws in R-rated material, ‘cause sex sells, right?

The first person she encounters is a man watching porn. Griffin greets him and asks, “You’re still gay, right?” After he affirms this, she responds: “So you’re not voting, why?” When he claims he has more important things to do, Griffin reminds him that “it is election day, not erection day.”

When she finds another guy in the basement, she accuses him of locker room talk. “Wait a second, that’s not how real men talk,” he protests. Then she packs him off to the polls. The comedienne also convinces a young woman to vote (because #feminism), gets a Brit to do what he can to aid in the effort and mentions her intention to “wheel” her elderly mother’s “ass into the voting booth.”      

“So, if you’re LGBT, if you’re a woman, if you’re a forward thinking man, it’s so important that you vote … no matter who you vote for, just vote,” she urges.

But apparently, letting people make up their own minds was not enough. “Fuck that, vote for Hillary,” she commands.

Is there one celebrity left in Hollywood who hasn’t yet pushed his or her own political agenda over YouTube?