Woke Is the Word: ‘Grease’ Prequel Focuses on Gay, Gender, and Race

April 10th, 2023 2:58 PM

Next time somebody complains about the lack of ideas in Hollywood, shut them up quick with five powerful words: Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies. It takes amazing creativity to rehash a musical movie from 1978 that’s set in 1958, and lard it up with all the obsessions and social diseases of 2023. 

According to the Daily Mail and Fox News Digital, a “new woke TV show based on 'Grease' will reportedly feature a new song about White supremacy, with lyrics about the exclusion of those ‘Jewish, Asian, brown or Black, single woman or gay, on the wrong side of they.’" 

Yep. Pink Ladies is supposedly a prequel set at Rydell High four years before the story of Grease. So, early to mid 1950s. Was “gay” in common usage then or did it still mean “lighthearted?” Well, never mind. It sounds like anachronism is the least of this thing’s problems.

The “stated purpose” of the show is to explore "sexual orientation, gender expression and racial identity." Do lefties know how to have fun or what? According to the Daily Mail, "Family favorite tunes will be re-sung alongside new musical numbers including one about white supremacy, while the 1950s student population at Rydell High School will be re-filled with a varied mix of LGBT and black high schoolers unseen in the 1978 hit."

And there’s a (wait for it!) transgender storyline! “Gender nonconforming nonbinary trans actor Ari Notartomaso … plays Cynthia," described as "a non-binary tomboy who struggles to fit in alongside her multicultural band mates." 

Wow. I’m sure they all end up embracing and enjoying some Bud Light (introduced 1982).

But John Travolta isn’t involved, so it's got that goin' for it.