Illegals at Sundance Premier ‘Taunting’ ICE

January 23rd, 2019 3:42 PM

Lately, lefties can’t seem to stop flipping off everyone and everything. Christian schools, fast food banquets, innocent Catholic teenagers, innocent unborn infants -- they’ve all been getting the bird from increasingly unhinged progressives.

It’s happening at The Sundance Festival in Park City, Utah this week. You know Sundance, the place where they give awards to “transgressive” or “brooding” or “quirky” films (not movies) that nobody but film festival types ever wants to see. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a “documentary/narrative hybrid” (whatever that is) called The Infiltrators will premiere Jan. 25. It’s about a Florida immigration detention center, and two of the people featured in it -- illegal aliens -- are boasting they’re going to be in Park City for the screening. As a matter of fact, “they are taunting Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to meet them there,” in THR’s words.

“I welcome any retaliation by the Trump Administration,” says Mohammad Abdollahi, an undocumented immigrant from Iran. “We've come to understand that the more out there in the open we are, the safer we are. If I were to get detained by immigration, I would rather be a phone call away from a large community of people than to be in the shadows and have no one to support me. So, while it's always a risk, I think it's a risk that we have to take.”

Abdollahi’s partner in giving the finger to the rule of law is Viridiana Martinez. “Abdollahi and Martinez are risking their ability to remain in the United States in order to attend the festival.” Oh, and to “get some face time with” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the leftist gadfly and semi-literate Twitter celebrity.

So you get the picture, er, film. This is a high-stakes publicity stunt for a movie nobody would have otherwise heard of. Except the stakes aren’t so high because who’s going to arrest them while Ocasio-Cortez and Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand are in the room. In fact, the only thing daring about it is Abdollahi and Martinez’s insistence that Democrats as are as much to blame as Republicans for … well, you know, caring about national sovereignty and stuff.

Abdollahi told THR, “I think the mind-set that the Trump Administration is worse on immigration is very harmful … I remember in 2009-10 when President Obama was deporting thousands of young people just like myself, and we had to fight tooth and nail in order to get ourselves protected … Trump is just building a monster of a system on the foundation that was built by Democrats.”

How’s that for ‘transgressive,” Sundance?

Not everybody in the film is as Abdollahi and Martinez so they’re skipping the stunt. But the film’s co-creator Alex Rivera (who we assume is American) isn’t too worried about any hassles from the man:

“ICE seems to be pretty occupied these days with kidnapping children and terrorizing parents seeking refuge at the border,” says Rivera. “However, if they did make an appearance in Park City, I would follow the leadership of the undocumented community who’s been facing these kinds of threats for decades now.”

So there’s an “undocumented community” with “leadership” and everything? ICE really should figure out where it is. Might make its job easier.