Singer Criticized For Adultery Song, Blames Church Bigotry

July 25th, 2016 12:02 PM

A gospel music conference, featuring Jesus and…adultery?

R&B artist Kelly Price performed her hit rendition of “As We Lay” at the Indiana Black Expo. The song, which is about a woman’s one-night stand with a married man, is one of Price’s best-known hits. The problem? She sang it during the event’s gospel music section.

Although Price was originally booked to sing her R&B songs during one time slot, a scheduling change landed her in front of a crowd anticipating Gospel music. Because event attendees were expecting to hear songs about Jesus and not some woman’s sexual dalliances, Price received major criticism for the performance.

Price though, thought this was unfair. Somehow, she missed the memo that she had ended up singing at the event’s praise and worship section and, therefore, shouldn’t be criticized for singing about a cheating woman instead of God. She posted on Instagram that she had “a very, very disheartening experience” at the expo.

Price is the daughter of a preacher and has been outspoken about her own faith, along with recording a Gospel album alongside her R&B ones. So one would expect her to understand why people were upset about being sung to about adultery during a worship event. But no, she didn’t understand. She continued her Instagram rant with “church bigotry is unacceptable. Either truly represent Christ’s views and his love or shut up! Christians are the ones who make Christ look bad! We cannot win people because all they see is hate and shade.”

Attacking anyone unfairly is wrong, but singing about infidelity during Jesus-time definitely doesn’t “represent Christ’s views” either.