Standing Up to Hollywood: Artist Joy Villa Releases New Single, ‘Make America Great Again’

July 5th, 2017 10:59 AM

While most celebrities are bemoaning our current political climate, music artist Joy Villa is proactively working to heal divided America through music. And her new hit single, ‘Make America Great Again,’ is doing exactly that.

In spite of the song’s title – Donald Trump’s famous campaign trail slogan – Villa declares the song isn’t political. “What the art in hollywood is doing right now is making us more divisive. It’s making us confused. It’s making us so angry,” Villa told Zachary Leeman of PopZette July 4, 2017. Leeman noted Villa’s song was “a bold statement, especially within an artistic community that has become increasingly less friendly to Trump supporters and creative conservatives.”

Villa’s “love song to America” includes the following verses:

The future depends on us

So we gotta wake up ...

Let’s make America great again ...

We could still be the voice of every hungry child

Be the sound of every freedom song …

And certainly, these are words liberals and conservatives would find equally inspiring.

Villa calls on film-goers, disgruntled with Hollywood, not to boycott the work of left-leaning artists. “Hollywood is not a lost cause. Other artists can shine the light and it can always come back,” Villa explained.

The release comes after Villa wore a gown sporting the words “Make America Great Again” and “Trump.” While warmly received by fans at the Grammys (she became the No. 1 artist on iTunes and Amazon charts), Villa was harshly criticised by fellow stars and media.

Joy Villa has, once again, stood up to Hollywood’s repetitive and unoriginal political commentary while supporting the artistic industry – and she’s inspiring Americans to do the same.