Getting the Job Done? ‘Hamilton’ Stays Political With New Music Video

June 29th, 2017 12:05 PM

Swedish-born Tomas Witmore directed the video for “Immigrants” – a popular track on the Hamilton Mixtape. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed the video on NBC’s “Today” show June 28, and left-leaning media immediately pounced on a chance to get political.

The video is, obviously, an ode to American immigrants. Lin-Manuel Miranda, as well as the entire Hamilton cast have been vocal on immigration issues and subjected then-Vice President Elect Mike Pence to a disapproving lecture lecture after a performance. Salon, Variety, Rolling Stone, and others made the music video even more political than it already is.

In a headline reading ‘Hamilton’s “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” Is the Video Trump Needs to See,’ Salon dubbed the video “powerful and necessary” in light of President Trump’s myriad statements on immigration. Tagged under “Racism,” the Salon article noted that “Hamilton has drawn the ire of President Donald Trump who [has] ... made a number of statements that either threaten or marginalize immigrants both undocumented and legal in this country.”

Rolling Stone and Salon joined Variety in publicizing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s #Ham4All campaign, inviting fans to donate to Manuel’s Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition, which lobbies for immigrant-focused issues.

The political music video and reactions to it follows on the heels of Miranda’s previous comments on the political climate.

Miranda spoke to Rolling Stone in an interview last June with the magazine’s Mark Binelli – who during the interview compared the then theoretical Trump administration to “mob rule.” “Trump’s politics about building a wall, that’s old,” Miranda told Binelli. “And it’s such a malignant form of a very common American electoral disease, which is, ‘Point at the newest people here and say they’re the reason you’re broke’ … it’s finding purchase with Trump right now."