Liberal Journalists Whine This #GOPDebate Wasn't Tough Enough, Unlike CNBC’s

November 10th, 2015 11:05 PM

The latest GOP debate, hosted by The Wall Street Journal and the Fox Business Channel, focused almost exclusively on economic issues. Unlike the previous GOP debate hosted by CNBC, questions largely stayed on topic and did not veer into insults. That style wasn’t appreciated by the left-wing media who went on Twitter to bash Fox Business and the debate moderators.

Political analyst for MSNBC and National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation Joan Walsh claimed moderators were “terrified” of the GOP and right-wing media:

Dean Obeidallah, comedian, radio host and a columnist for The Daily Beast claimed the moderators were practically giving foot massages to the GOP candidates:

Marc Caputo, Politico’s Florida political reporter, whined that he wanted the CNBC Debate moderators back:

He went on to complain about Neil Cavuto’s questioning style:

Cenk Uygur, former MSNBC talking head and current host of The Young Turks on Youtube, claimed Fox was framing it’s questions to favor candidates:

Ana Marie Cox, columnist for the Daily Beast claimed the debate was “chaos” due to the moderators’ lack of control:

While NBC News’ Political Director Chuck Todd complained that the moderators weren’t forcing candidates to fight with each other enough:

Michael Shure, political correspondent for Al-Jazeera America and frequent co-host of The Young Turks, agreed that the debate was too civil:

Seems like you can’t make a liberal journalist happy unless the media is relentlessly vicious toward anyone on the right.