Buzzfeed Journalist Mocks GOP 'Short Bus Debate'

October 28th, 2015 8:18 PM

Apparently, Buzzfeed takes the GOP presidential field as seriously as thinking people take, well, Buzzfeed. In a tweet posted immediately after the first GOP Debate tonight, John R. Stanton, DC Bureau Chief of Buzzfeed posted this derogatory tweet directed at the GOP candidates:

In case you didn’t know, what Stanton is referring to is commonly known as the “shorter school bus” that carries students with mental or physical disabilities to and from school. Urban Dictionary says, “20 Words related to short bus” include “retard” and “retarded.”

So it’s about as funny as when President Obama said he bowled well enough to participate in the Special Olympics. But hey, those super sensitive progressives are allowed to make those kind of jokes, right?