The Alli Kat Show: MRC Reporters Talk Death, Love and Harambe

What’s trending today? In the Alli Kat Show premiere, Katie Yoder and Alatheia Nielsen discuss this week’s must-know trending culture stories.

The duo, who write for of the Media Research Center, first highlighted Hollywood’s depressing new take on love in Me Without You, which Yoder described as a “touching love story of a man who says ‘no’ to the woman of his dreams, and ‘yes’ to assisted suicide.”

Next came a viral story about a mom, Courtney Baker, who refused to follow her doctor’s suggestion to abort her little girl with Down syndrome. 

Last but not least, Americans are still discussing Harambe the gorilla -- and how the broadcast networks spent 6 times more air time on the story than they did Christians beheaded by ISIS last year.

Watch Alli and Kat’s take here:

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