Selena Gomez Performs Heartfelt Song to God at Christian Concert

In the face of a culture that constantly mocks Christianity, singer Selena Gomez says that a relationship with God is “greater than anything.”

On Thursday night, the 23-year-old star performed her new song “Nobody” during a surprise appearance at a Los Angeles concert with Hillsong Church’s Young & Free praise and worship band.

"Tonight is more than a concert, it's more than Hillsong, it's more than me coming on stage and singing a song for you," she said onstage. "It's about a relationship that is greater than anything, guaranteed." 

In other words, a relationship with God.

“I wrote this song about the one thing that holds it all together for me even when I can’t bear to do it myself,” she added.

At different points during her performance, Gomez lifted up her arms in praise:

Before the song’s chorus (“Nobody’s gonna love me like you”), Gomez began the song with the following lyrics:

No heart, no hands, no skin, no touch

Can get me there, nowhere enough

To love me like you do, to love me like you do

No lips, no feel, no kiss, no rush

Can you keep me high, I swear no one 

Can love me like you do.

Gomez first revealed on Twitter that God inspired “Nobody” in October, the day she released her new album Revival:



While Hollywood often pokes fun at Christianity, Gomez doesn’t stand alone in her faith. Jennifer Garner recently publicized her return to church after starring in the upcoming movie Miracles form Heaven, while Angelina Jolie admitted in 2014 that she prayed on set while filming Unbroken.

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