Patient Diagnosed as Islamophobic on CBS’s 'Pure Genius'

December 16th, 2016 2:59 PM

Well, it seems Pure Genius is continuing to follow the Hollywood script by adding a patient with a case of “Islamophobia.”

On Thursday’s episode, “Around the World in Eight Kidneys,” the doctors at Bunker Hill are gearing up for eight kidney transplants, and sixteen surgeries. Each recipient will have a family donor for another patient, creating a chain.

Dean (Nick Hardcastle) is one such candidate who needs a kidney, with his wife donating to someone else on his behalf. He tells Dr. Strauss (Ward Horton) he’s all for diversity but doesn’t “want a kidney from just anyone,” hinting he’s seen someone he’s not too fond of.

Later, Dr. Strauss is prepping Dean for surgery and he demands to know who his donor is. Dr. Strauss tells him his donor is an Egyptian Muslim, which Dean finds unacceptable.

Dr. Strauss: Good Morning, Dean. You ready for your big day?
Dean: Depends. Now’s your chance to tell me, Doc. Straight up, just between you and me. Who’s my donor?
Dr. Strauss: We’re still on this.
Dean: Yeah. Because I’ve seen some pretty suspicious-looking people in the hallway.
Dr. Strauss: You know what Dean, fine. Your donor is Azeem Habib, She’s Egyptian and she’s Muslim.
Dean: Then I’m out. I’m not doing this. I’m breaking the chain.
Dr. Strauss: It’s too late to break the chain. Your wife’s already in surgery. The only person who wouldn’t get a kidney is you.
Dean: You set me up doctor.
Dr. Strauss: No, I didn’t. I simply protected the other patients from your bigotry. So it’s up to you. You can either take that hatred that’s inside of you to your grave, or you can open up your heart a little.

Right, because this would happen. If somebody were in dire need of a kidney, they wouldn’t care who was donating. This is just Hollywood’s agenda that we live in a world filled with Islamophobes being further pushed, as we’ve seen time again. Liberals just add these kinds of portrayals to make themselves feel superior to the rest of us "deplorables."