‘Mortician’ Pence Is Worse Than a Pedophile ‘Priest’: Hollywood Goes Low During Debate

October 7th, 2020 11:27 PM

Hollywood lefties are the epitome of intelligence and class, right? That’s why they’ve been using their grotesque naked bodies to encourage mail-in voting and are now slamming Vice President Mike Pence’s looks and making other nasty ad hominem attacks against him during the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate. 

Celebrities like late night comedian Conan O’Brien, West Wing actor Bradley Whitford, and Hellboy actor Ron Perlman made gross smears against the Vice President. One likened him to a “mortician,” another made a disgusting sexual joke about the vice president and Second Lady Karen Pence and yet another made the shocking joke that Pence looks like a priest that sexually abuses children. 

Those are the kind of lines you use when you’re confident in your side’s arguments, surely.

Late night star Conan O’Brien mocked Pence’s look and demeanor, tweeting that it should attract the “mortician vote.” O’Brien wrote, “Looks like Mike Pence has locked up the white suburban mortician vote.”

Angry Hellboy actor Ron Perlman tweeted, “Thank you Mike Pence! I think I lost 7 pounds from throwing up in my mouth!”

Orange Is the New Black actress Lea DeLaria made an absolutely foul attack on the Vice President and his wife, Karen Pence. She tweeted, "I know you publicly call your wife “mother” @VP but what do you call her when she’s pegging you?”

Lion King remake actor Billy Eichner screamed via keyboard that the vice president is a “HOMOPHOBE” and that his wife is a “bigot.” He tweeted in all caps, “THE WHITE HOUSE ITSELF IS A FUCKING COVID HOTSPOT GO HOME WITH YOUR BIGOT WIFE YOU FUCKING HOMOPHOBE.”

West Wing actor Bradley Whitford made an abominable quip about Pence carrying himself like a priest that abuses children, though because Pence is part of the Trump administration, that makes him worse than a pedophile priest. He tweeted, “Pence has the aw-shucks nonchalance of a priest telling you it's okay to take your pants off. Without the moral stature.”

These disgusting quotes are typical for the Hollywood left, but they especially like using them against good and upstanding Christians like Vice President Pence and his family. Judging by how nasty these celebs were during the evening, perhaps the debate didn’t go their way entirely.