WRONG: Richmond Second Amendment Rally Stays Peaceful Despite Lefty Celeb Claims

January 20th, 2020 6:00 PM

It seems as though loudmouth pro-gun control celebs refuse to understand that a gathering of law-abiding gun owners might be one of the more civil and safe events to be at.

With the intense media spectacle surrounding the Richmond, Virginia, Second Amendment rally on Jan. 20, some folks were probably quite surprised that the rally didn’t devolve into some white supremacist hootenanny -- well, the folks listening to the loud anti-gun whiners in the media, at least.

That Hollywood left’s usual suspects clamored about the dangers posed by so many armed American though none of that seemed to manifest, and the fact that even CNN had to admit that no threat of violence ever presented itself, made it all seem like one big joke.

Will & Grace star Debra Messing contributed her usual vapid hysteria to the conversation. The actress retweeted video of second amendment supporters walking through Richmond’s streets, with the melodramatic caption: “I’m praying for the citizens of VA. #peace.” In another retweet which referred to the same pro-gun supporters as “armed insurrectionists,” she called them “cowards” in light of news that they were wearing mask and sunglasses. Though Messing should have bothered to check weather reports that put it about less than 30 degrees Fahrenheit in that part of Virginia today. That might have explained why patriots were bundled up.

Actress Rosanna Arquette tweeted similarly about “cowardly men” ruining Martin Luther King Day with their pro-gun rally. She wrote, “Today is Martin Luther Kings birthday. A national holiday let’s not let these cowardly masked men with their big guns in Virginia ruin it for people.” Arquette added, “I met Dr king when I was a kid I’m grateful to my mother for being one of the organizers in Chicago for an anti war march.”

If only Arquette were aware of the irony in her vapid virtue signal. The gun rally was about fighting for a few of the same rights MLK fought for. Some of the photos from the event — particularly one including a rally goer with a poster that said “Armed minorities are harder to oppress” — illustrated that.

Rosanna’s sister, actress Patricia Arquette, tweeted the same liberal hysteria. Mentioning someone’s post of “armed people today at the gun/militia rally,” she wrote, “Apparently everyone is above the law these days. Who knew Trump would inspire #Anarchy.” What planet is Patty on?

Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead mocked the peaceful protest by quipping that the armed attendees looked like the sort of enraged pro-lifers that harass women going into abortion clinics. You know, that pro-choice straw man. Retweeting a sarcastic post asking if the men “look ready to... lobby their legislators?” Winstead responded, “Totally. After they can go enhage[sic] in some “peaceful prayer” outside of an abortion clinic…”

Yeah, yeah, all conservatives are completely unhinged.

Though, despite all these fears, even the liberal hacks over at CNN reported that the rally “concluded peacefully.” Oh, you don’t say. When will these folks understand that good people owning guns might be the biggest factor in promoting peace?