Coming to a Neighborhood Near You: Lefty Celebs Canvassing for Midterms

Had enough celebrity political opinion? Not if the celebrities themselves have anything to say about (and oh, they do …). With just a week to go until the midterms, several of them are actually insisting on bothering people on their doorsteps.

Several big Hollywood players have taken it upon themselves to annoy the ordinary people of the east coast with door-to-door canvassing campaigns. Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. spread the message of left-wing politics in Pennsylvania, while comedian Will Ferrell campaigned for gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in Georgia.

Odom Jr. told Hollywood Reporter that he’s on the ground in Pennsylvania because “it’s never been more serious.” Desperate times call for desperate measures it seems, so the singer/actor has decided to translate some of the condescending showbiz lecturing into action. Along with La La Land songwriter Benj Pasek, the thespian is part of Swing Left’s 84 swing district campaign, visiting homes in both Harrisburg and Doylestown.

Other famous faces participating in Swing Left’s last ditch midterm propaganda in other districts include Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Natalie Portman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Orange Is The New Black’s Taylor Schilling.

Odom Jr. also mentioned that he’s canvassing because he feels that he “needed to do more than vote.” He claimed, “I'm extremely dissatisfied with the rhetoric and the representation that we currently have in Washington, so I'm going to do something about it.” Leslie is also passionate about lefty politics that he has even prepared an original musical number in case of any on-the-road requests.

Ah, the merging of tacky musical numbers and the progressive state of mind definitely shows that democracy is alive and well, folks.

A little further south, Will Ferrell seemed to think his comedic charm might contribute to Stacey Abrams’ campaign. The usually affable actor probably meant well, but given some of his comments and the general fact that he’s playing for radical lefties (duh,) he seemed a little out of touch.

Having been an avid Democrat for years, Ferrell told The Huffington Post all about the mindset he had when he decided to leave cushy Malibu and get intimate with Georgia’s natives. “We keep asking ourselves, how can we help? Should we knock on doors?” he asked. “You never know in Hollywood if it helps or hurts, but we’re trying to get out the vote and drive people to the polls.”

Well, if there’s any evidence for how out of touch Hollywood is these days, there it is. Mr. Ferrell might want to think about the risks of peddling lefty ideology to a bunch of southerners on their porches. Of course, we’re sure he’ll be fine, but it sure is funny to think he might get a surprising reaction to his soliciting. Here’s to hoping he sticks only to the very urban areas.

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